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Antarctica expedition 23rd December 2017

Welcome to the community page Antarctica expedition 23rd December 2017

Welcome on board Europa for our first Antarctic expedition in 2017! 

Some people become interested in the North and South Pole after reading about the voyages of Willem Barentz and Shackleton. Others are more fascinated by the rich wildlife or the beauty of the unspoilt natural environment. Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on our planet, but man has always been unable to live here because of its extremely cold climate. It is the last great wilderness on Earth. A couple of thousand researchers spend the southern summer living in several research stations. During the southern winter, that number dwindles to less than 1,000. When winter grips this great, white desert, tourist activity is no longer possible.

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Kellie · 7 months

Hi all, I am not sure how you are feeling but I have finally crawled in to my comfortable hotel bed with a heavy heart. It is difficult to go to sleep knowing Europa is docked a few hundred metres away. Having contacted home, reality is creeping back in and I am not ready! But, life goes on whether we are ready for it or not. I wish everyone safe travels and hope the adventurous spirit that brought us all together never fades. Until we meet again. Kellie xo

Katrin · 7 months

Hi everybody! It was such a pleasure meeting you all and sharing this wonderful adventure with you! For me a trip of a lifetime! It will be very hard to beat that experience on future holidays, nevertheless I have another 4 months to travel around South America. Some of you asked me about my travels and the blog I am writing. Maybe if you are interested to follow my next adventures, this is the link: Happy travels everyone!

Kellie · 7 months

A hairdryer: who is going to attain 'legend' status by packing one, as it is unfortunately not me?

Kate · 7 months

Hi All, Kate from Germany though really Belgian. I landed in BA this morning and all was running wel again - glad I missed the strike :). I land in Ushuaia tomorrow around 1pm. If there are already plans to meet up for drinks/dinner I gladly join!

Bark EUROPA · 7 months

Dear Sailors, We hope all is well and you will be leaving for Ushuaia today or are already underway. Due to a strike of Argentinian pilots there have been a lot of troubles with flights to Buenos Aires and onwards to Ushuaia. The information we can find about it is that it will be a 24 hour strike and that flights will start again this afternoon. If you are having troubles with your flights, please let us know and keep us up to date on the developments so we can inform the ship. We hope all travels will go well and wish you happy holidays on board the EUROPA! Team Bark EUROPA

Kellie · 7 months

The fun begins! My connecting flight from Auckland to BA was cancelled yesterday, allegedly due to industrial action at BA airport. Anyone heard the same story? I couldn't find anything on the internet about it. AirNZ has advised that we will fly at the same time tonight but they don't usually have a Tuesday flight to BA... I hope they're not stalling for a Wednesday flight, as my next leg with Latam is early Thursday morning down to Ushuaia. I hope your journey south go off without a hitch! See you all soon... Kellie

Evangelos · 8 months

Hi everyone, I am Vangelis, and I will be joining the group coming from Germany. I land in Ushuaia on the 21st, so if you want catch up over a coffee before boarding, just drop me a message here. Looking forward to all the sailing :-) Cheers, Vangelis

Sandra · 8 months

Hello everyone my name is Sandra from Perth in Western Australia, it will be my first time in Buenos Aires, Ushuaia & Antartica, I love sailing but have never sailed on any vessel as big as Europa it is very exciting. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, I arrive in Ushuaia on 19th Dec & would be only to happy to meet up with anyone who wants to, the hike in the park sounds a great idea, Sandra

Viv · 8 months

Hi everyone. Viv here from Basel Switzerland. Busy packing up tonight before travelling tomorrow to South America. Looking forward to spending quality time with you all on our adventure journey. I'll be arriving in Ushuaia on 22nd late afternoon. If anyone wanna catch up for a coffee on land before we board on 23rd, drop me a message below pls. No plans in Ushuaia at the moment. Look forward to meeting you all! Viv

Marjon · 8 months

Dear Michael, I am arriving on 21st of December, so I want to join your proposed trip, if it is still possible. Marjon.

Myles · 8 months

I can't see my own post here so I hope this is not a repeat - Hullo I'm Myles from NW England looking forward to meeting you all and fulfilling a 40 year old dream of visiting Antarctica. I am part time teacher at Sedbergh School where I'm involved in dinghy sailing. I'm travelling out to S.America on 1st December to "Acclimatise" with a week's conservation volunteering on the Amazon! Then ten days pre inca tourism in N.Peru then flying down to Ushuaia on 21st arriving about lunchtime. Hope to find something to do on 22nd - perhaps the hike with Michael? Also staying in Ushuaia overnight on 13th so very keen to have a dry land meal with anyone else from the voyage that night...... See you all Soon Myles

Alice · 8 months

Hello, my name is Alice and i am from South West England. I work in community engagement and with volunteers. I just about to set off for Patagonia where i am travelling around for the next month before joining Europa. I am ariving nice and early in Ushuaia on the 18th Dec. It would be great to meet up before joining the Ship on the 23rd. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Kellie · 8 months

Hi all, is anyone planning to hire their muck boots from Ushuaia? I'm having a hard time finding something suitable in Adelaide as we just don't have the climate and I don't want to risk ordering from eBay as it is too close to my departure. I'd like the muck boot or grubs rather than a standard wellington as they hug the calf. Old forums indicate clothing hire is available but it is one item I definitely can't be without. Has anyone else looked in to this? Counting down! Kellie

Bark EUROPA · 8 months

Dear Sailors, We had a lively discussion in the Bark EUROPA facebook about tips and tricks for packing for Antarctica and we wanted to share them with you: In general: Muck boots are amazing to bring. Watertight and warm Merino wool thermals are better than synthetic ones. Bring at least 2 pairs of gloves, Lindsay says: ‘Gordini Gore Tex Down gloves would be my pick!’ Ski goggles Indoor warm shoes or slippers for bellow decks Bring a backup possibility for your photo’s Lotions and chap sticks And the most mentioned item: bring more chocolate!!! For the ladies: Bring conditioner or anti-knot spray if you have longer hair, the wind will tangle your hair extremely. Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA ps: the photo was made on november 22th, the first snow of the 2017/2018 Antarctic Season!

Laura-Marie · 9 months

Greetings! My name is Laura-Marie and my husband, Matthew, and I are very much looking forward to meeting all of you and experiencing this wonderful journey together. We both are from the United States. I am an avian ecologist that studies migrating birds and Matt is a software engineer working in phone app development. We arrive in Ushuaia on the 21st at 13:45 and are leaving on the 14th at 10:20. This will be our first time in Argentina and we are very excited!

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, We hope your voyage preparations are going well and that you are exited for your voyage! In the last couple of weeks we have received a lot of questions concerning what gear to bring to your Antarctic voyage. With the hope to help you all, we have extended the packing list we have on the website, so please have a look for some more tips! Team Bark EUROPA

Rian · 9 months

Hello all, Is there anyone who already booked a place for when we arrive back in ushuaia on januari 13th? I fly out on 14 and looking for a place to stay one night. Would be great to be with more people. All alone after three weeks toughter is maybe a big change ;-)

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, We hope you are doing well with your voyage preparations. We would like to inform you that we have added two new documents to the Travel Information Section of this Community Page. Please read them before your embark on the Bark EUROPA. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask! Bark EUROPA

Kellie · 9 months

Hi there, my name is Kellie and I am a 39yo from Adelaide, South Australia. I have just booked my flights from BA, arriving 21 December and departing 14 January. I have not yet booked any accommodation. Did you ladies work something out Jelena, Erika and Ina? Hiking sounds good Michael, I will look in to it and get back to you. Can't wait!

Evelyn and Egon · 9 months

Hello everyone, we are Evelyn and Egon from Frankfurt Germany. We arrive Ushuaia on 12/20. It is our first trip to south america and antarctica.We hope of a fantastic time with you all. Greetings Evi und Egon

Rian · 9 months

Hello all, Iam Rian from Amsterdam. Before I get om board I will be traveling trough Argentinië and chili. I arrive at ushuya at 22th of december. Is there anyone with advice about very warm shoes and clothing? Iam always cold and a bit worried about 3 weeks snow, ice and freezing wind 😬 But beside that Im looking forward to meet you all, to share this amazing trip and enjoy the nature off Antarctica!

Marjon · 10 months

Hello all, My name is Marjon and living in Maastricht, the Netherlands. I will arrive on 21th of December in Ushuaia. For me it is the first time in this area. I am looking forward to meet you. And Michael I will think about your idea to visit the park.

Zoé · 10 months

Hello fellow sailors! My name is Zoé, I will be sailing on the Europa from Montevideo to Ushuaia, and disembark just as you get onboard! I will be buying the following gear in Buenos Aires in size M for the waterproof outer layer: and in size EU43 - UK9 for the boots: I will be selling these items upon my return to the ground, 25 to 50% off the original price, depending on how much worn they will be after 7 weeks of sailing. If you are interrested, please contact me directly! Best regards, Zoé

Michael · 11 months

Hi Everyone. I'm planning to schedule a 1/2 day hiking trip of the Tierra del Fuego National Park through in Friday the 22nd of December. Cost is $70 USD pp. Let me know if you'd like to join my son and me and we can maybe get a group together. Mike

Erika · 11 months

If someone likes the idea, I can make a whatsapp group for people who likes it. We can give each other tips (preholiday) or just to meet other sailers. Sent me an email with youre phonenumber, than I will make a group.

Chen · 11 months

Hello Everyone, This is Chen from Ottawa, Canada. I am looking forward to meeting you guys. Booked my flights long time ago and I will arrive 10am at USH on Dec 21. All I hope is no luggages delayed since it will be a crazy xmas time.

Nicholas · 11 months

Hey everyone, keen to meet you all in just a few months! For anyone that is interested, I'm doing a trip from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, starting on the 9th of December, traveling down hiking through Patagonia. The link is attached if anyone else wants to come along!! -

Michael · 11 months

Hi all, nice to meet you. I''ve not yet made my travel plans but hope to arrive Ushuaia on 12/21 and am interested in taking a day trip on 12/22 around Tierra del Fuego if anyone is interested in joining us. Doing research on possible trips now.

Erika · 1 year

Hi, my name is Erika. I am 36 years old and come from Holland. For me is it the first time on the Bark Europa. I booked my flight from Schiphol, Madrid, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. I arrive the 22th in Ushuaia. I did not booked a hotel yet. Someone know a good hotel?

Ina · 1 year

My name is Ina and i’m working as a nurse in Zürich Switzerland. This is my first trip on the Europa. I know i will get seasick but i hope that seeing Antartica helps me to forget all of this. I’m staying 1 night in Buenos Aires on December 20 and going to Ushuaia on December 21.( I’m arriving 13:55 ) I booked an Appartement in USH. I have 1 spare sleeping place when somebody is interested. I’m staying in Lo de Garcon. After the trip i’m staying in the same appartement for 1 night and then i’m going , Januar 14, to Iguazu to see the waterfalls. Januar 16 i’ve booked my trip back to Switzerland. Is there somebody in USH on December 22 and wood like to do something together? I don’t have special plans at the moment.

Katrin · 1 year

Hi everybody, So far I have not booked any flights or accomodation. I'd like to introduce myself quickly: I am a video editor for german public television in Hamburg, Germany. My hobbies are badminton, travelling and photography. The adventure to Antarctica on Bark Europa will be part of my sabbatical. I will travel around South America for 6-7 months starting from Nov 1, 2017. So after the adventure I want to travel through Patagonia up to Santiago de Chile. Anybody on board who is also planning something like this? Looking for travel partners :-)

Kate · 1 year

I have booked flights to Buenos Aires. Still deciding if I spend some time there before flying on or if I travel straight on to Ushuaia and take some exploring time there before boarding.

Vasyl · 1 year

Hi Logan, I've booked flights to/from Ushuaia: 22/Dec/2017 15:30 BUENOS AIRES AEP, ARGENTINA (AEP) - 19:05 USHUAIA, ARGENTINA (USH) 13/Jan/2018 15:40 USHUAIA, ARGENTINA (USH) - 20:20 BUENOS AIRES EZE, ARGENTINA (EZE) TERMINAL C Have not booked accomodation yet.

Logan · 1 year

Greetings to the group. Not sure if everyone has access to this community page or not. Would be keen to know if people have already booked flights to Argentina and / or accommodation in Ushuaia! Cheers, Logan

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