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Welcome to the community page Cape to Cape 2018

After departure from Ushuaia, Argentina we make our way through the Beagle Channel to the Drake Passage for the sail to the Antarctic peninsula and all across the Atlantic Ocean towards Cape Town, South Africa. This is the ultimate Cape to Cape voyage! 

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Lea · 5 months

Hi all! For those of you in Ushuaia, propose meeting up for dinner/drinks at Taberna del Viejo Lobo (third floor of the Thematica Museum) from 7:30pm. It has great views of the Bark!

Alex · 5 months

Don’t forget to schedule your credit card/bill payments before you get on the boat guys!! :)

James · 5 months

Great meeting many of you tonight. For anyone looking for some reading material as we wait patiently for Saturday, here's a link to a recent New Yorker piece about Antarctica that I had mentioned to Jordan tonight. Long but fascinating -

Alex · 5 months

Hi all. I´m a biologist/writer from Perth, Australia. I joined the trip at the last minute, when my good friend Chris had to pull out. Looking forward to meeting you all! Alex

Phillip · 5 months

Hi all! While thinking about retirement early 2016, I stumbled onto this adventure as my own and perfect change project. And now it’s about to begin! I am fortunate that my wife Barbara agreed to bring me to Ushuaia. When we meet we will have just finished an amazing two months road trip through Argentina and Chile. As she doesn’t sail, she’ll then head back home to Holland. My name is Philip, by the way and I look forward to meet you all and have a terrrific sail together.

Evelyn · 5 months

Hello: My name is Evelyn. I am amidst the delightful but frenzied last minute preparation process. My question -- what kind of electrical adaptor do we need for the ship? I can google for South Africa and South America, but not sure about the ship.

Archi · 5 months

Howdy folks! I am Archi, I am an engineer and work in semiconductor industry. I moved to the US 12 years back. I will be flying in from Austin, TX. I reach Ushuaia on 28th Feb and plan to explore the area before boarding Bark Europa. I am staying at Antarctica Hostel. Would love to meet for drinks/sightseeing. I have been sailing on and off in Austin. But I wouldn't call myself an experienced sailor.

Omer · 6 months

Hey all, Omer here! I'm a 31 year old Turkish guy, but have made Amsterdam my home. I'm all about outdoor adventures. I try to climb, ski, surf etc. as much as I can. Also got into tall ships after reading Patrick O'Brian :) I've done a few week long tall ship voyages, one with the Europa from Tenerife to Cape Verde in 2016. Finally taking time off from work for the Cape to Cape which I have been dreaming off for many years! I'll be arriving in Ushuaia on the 26th and plan to hike/explore/chill in the area. Staying at the Antarctica Hostel :) Would be cool to meet up!

Theo · 6 months

Hi all, as I have been posting about the water shortage I should introduce myself. My name is Theo, I emigrated to Holland 18 years ago but I grew up in and spent the first 10 years of my working life in South Africa, in Johannesburg and Cape town. In a sense the cape to cape trip is like going home. I will arrive in Ushuaia on 28 Feb so if anybody wants to meet for drinks, dinner of sightseeing in Ushuaia we let me know and we can arrange to meet

Theo · 6 months

Hi everyone, Here the latest status on the water shortage in Cape Town. In short: Thanks to a decline in agricultural usage, Day Zero has been pushed back to 11 May this week, from 16 April last week. For full details see the full update at

Douglas · 6 months

Hi all, has anyone got any recommendations on accomdation in Cape Town taking into account the water shortage situation? Was going to stay a week but reduced that to a few nights. Douglas

Robert · 6 months

Dear Cape sailors my name is Rob, I am 59 years old and I am from Holland. Only a few weeks left and the big adventure is about to begin. After 40 years of working my first sabatical for a few months and a fantastic opportunity to make this beautiful sailing trip. I arrive in Ushuaia on March 1st, planning 11.50. Until then.

Jordan · 7 months

Hey all. I'm going to be doing some hiking in the Torres Del Paine National Park on the 27th of Feb before the voyage. If any of you will be in the area you're more than welcome to join! I'll be staying in Puerto Natales on the 26th and 27th, then bussing to Ushuaia on the 28th. If not, then maybe I'll see some of you in a Ushuaia pub for a beer! See you all soon - Jordan

John · 7 months

Morning folks. I am John from sunny Alberta Canada. Having a great deal of trouble getting “Trip Insurance” as per Europa voyage details. Am 68 which would appear to disqualify me from sailing insurance. Any suggestions?

Bark EUROPA · 8 months

Dear Sailors, We had a lively discussion in the Bark EUROPA facebook about tips and tricks for packing for Antarctica and we wanted to share them with you: In general: Muck boots are amazing to bring. Watertight and warm Merino wool thermals are better than synthetic ones. Bring at least 2 pairs of gloves, Lindsay says: ‘Gordini Gore Tex Down gloves would be my pick!’ Ski goggles Indoor warm shoes or slippers for bellow decks Bring a backup possibility for your photo’s Lotions and chap sticks And the most mentioned item: bring more chocolate!!! For the ladies: Bring conditioner or anti-knot spray if you have longer hair, the wind will tangle your hair extremely. Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA ps: the photo was made on november 22th, the first snow of the 2017/2018 Antarctic Season!

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, We hope your voyage preparations are going well and that you are exited for your voyage! In the last couple of weeks we have received a lot of questions concerning what gear to bring to your Antarctic voyage. With the hope to help you all, we have extended the packing list we have on the website, so please have a look for some more tips! Team Bark EUROPA

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, We hope you are doing well with your voyage preparations. We would like to inform you that we have added two new documents to the Travel Information Section of this Community Page. Please read them before your embark on the Bark EUROPA. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask! Bark EUROPA

Anthony · 9 months

Hi My name is Tony and I live on the Greenwich Meridian half way between London and the Channel coast. Europa will be my third Dutch sailing trip having sailed on Tecla to Iceland and Oosterschelde (Charleston to Boston). Re what to take - I had the good fortune to sail with two Europa sailors this year and asked them about what to take. No smart clothes as the three or so washing machine sessions are communal so everything goes in together! T shirts, sweatshirts etc. Thermal layers -Merino wool: 3 long and 3 short sleeve T shirts and 3 long johns recommended, bring your own laundry liquid to wash in cabin sink. 2 warm hats, 2 pair gloves, serious waterproof bag for camera gear, thick soled generous fit wellington boots to allow for warm socks + felt liners. (Farmer's or fisherman's boots OK.) Needed for clambering in and out of the Zodiacs when going ashore. Oilskins - I have used Gill OS2 for the last couple of years with no problems. Looking at some of the You tube videos its going to be FUN!

Michael · 10 months

Hi everyone! I'm Mike, from Bedfordshire in the UK and will be doing the Cape to Cape with my new wife Vicki for our honeymoon! I'm so excited to join you all on this adventure of a lifetime, only 4 months to go! I've done some tall ship sailing before on the Lord Nelson but only for short trips around the UK coast, so this promises to be quite the step up. As a couple of people have already said, any tips from experienced Europa travellers on what kit is good to bring would be much appreciated! All the best and see you in Ushuaia!

Jordan · 11 months

Hey guys! I'm Jordan, 23, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a strength and conditioning coach who just graduated from uni last summer. I've spent the better part of this past year travelling around Europe and northern Africa, continuing my travels until sometime this December. I'm incredibly excited to add the Cape to Cape to my itinerary after a small break to visit home during Christmas. I've previously done a bit of sailing off the coast of Vancouver, but nothing even close to this caliber. I cannot wait to start this adventure of a life time with all of you! Is anyone is bringing any specific gear or items for the voyage? I'm curious to see what I should pack - I've never done anything quite like this before!

Chris · 11 months

I've just sailed with Tecla from Iceland to East Greenland. What an adventure. Looking forward to the Cape to Cape. This will be my return to Bark Europa, having sailed with her on the last 'True Rounding of Cape Horn' from Australia to Falklands (Oct-Dec 2013). Cheers, Chris.

Peter · 11 months

Hola! My name is Peter and I am from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. I taught high school for 30 years and have spent most of the last 8 years travelling North America. For years I have followed the adventures of a cousin that joined the tall ships immediately out of high school. After hearing of his Antartica and the Cape to Cape voyages, I knew I had to give it a go. Looking forward to crewing with you - meet you in Ushuaia in 181 days!

Danny · 11 months

Hello! It started all with Michael Balog´s film "Chasing Ice" three years ago. Those pictures planted a seed within me.... and that finally got me (Danny, 43, mother of three children age < 10 y) a berth on board the Bark Europa. Antarctica is calling and I can not resist. Once in a while I pause for a moment because this amazing thought pops up in my mind: "I´ve made it on board! I will go to Antarctica!!!". Then smiling to myself I am sometimes thinking of you guys somewhere out there in the world: You are maybe also just stopping for a moment and celebrating the happiness about that very same crazy great thought!!! Looking forward to meet you on board. Greetings from Germany, Berlin. Danny

Lea · 11 months

Greetings! I'm Lea, a 23-year-old Aussie who's currently planning a trip around the world (of which sailing to Antarctica and across the Atlantic are major highlights). I raced the Europa during the 2015 Tall Ships Races and am excited to be reacquainted in 196 days! (I feel like we need a countdown clock :) )

James · 1 year

Hey folks, I'm James, 38, from Halifax in Canada, very close to where the Europa arrived this morning. I went down to Lunenburg to take a first look, and happy to report everything is looking good! Now just to wait the 200 or so days until we meet again... Lucy - not sure about flights to Arg from the UK, but I'm flying back from Cape Town to London first, and Emirates has some great one-way fares on sale for that now, with option for a brief layover in Dubai.

Bill · 1 year

Wi-Eye Shipmates.

Lucy · 1 year

Hi Everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Lucy, 33, Pilates teacher, and will be travelling from the UK to join the 2018 Cape-Cape voyage. I'll be looking to fly out from England w/c 26th Feb 2018. Be great to discuss flight options if anyone else is leaving from the UK? I'm not an experienced sailor so will be looking out for tips on what kit is best to take! Look forward to meeting you all. Lucy

Bark EUROPA · 1 year

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for the Cape to Cape 2018 voyage. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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