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Welcome in the community for: Cape Town - Rouen 2019

Welcome in the voyage community: CAPE TOWN - ST HELENA - ASCENSION ISLAND - AZORES - ROUEN

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Trainees joining us from Cape Town to Rouen are in for an adventure of a lifetime. With close to two months at sea and 7700 nautical miles to sail, this voyage is for those who seek the real sailing experience. On the way to the Azores we will visit both St. Helena Island and Ascension Island, giving trainees the chance to explore these remote Atlantic islands. Between these stops, you will learn all there is to know about tall ship sailing and life at sea from experienced crew members, and make friends for life with your watchmates, with whom you'll share sunrises and sunsets, rainy days and starry nights. Let the adventure begin!

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Andy · 5 days

Anyone fancy a beer on the 7th? There's plenty of room at Quay Four in the Waterfront. 7pm?

Eva · 1 week

Hi everyone! I am so excited to sail with the Europa again! I took part in the tall ship race last summer and the journey was way too short! I'll be arriving on the 7th, does anyone feel up to some exploring on the 8th? Excited to meet you all!

James · 2 weeks

Hey! I'm James and this will also be my first blue water/tall ship experience. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Cri · 2 weeks

Hi everyone! This will be my first trip on a Tall Ship! It has been a goal of mine for some years now, and I can't wait to learn all I can about sailing one of these amazing machines.

Jan and Inge · 2 weeks

Hi all, We are Inge and Jan van Dijk and we can’t wait to get on board Bark Europa for this beautiful trip. We are both Dutch and immigrated to South Africa 23 year ago where we have been living since. We both are shellbacks as we did the trip from Cape Town to the Netherlands 5 years ago but that was on a large container ship and although we loved the trip it can’t be compared to the beautiful Europa. We both love sailing and when we saw the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands on a tall ship it was a no brainer for us!! We are looking forward to meeting you all and make this a voyage never to be forgotten!!

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

Please welcome our second researcher Marloes who will be sailing with you while conducting research on the distribution of plastics in the ocean: "My name is Marloes and I am a 25 year old student of Utrecht University. I did my bachelor studies in environmental sciences, where I mainly focused on a variety of natural processes that are impacted by human influences. Now I am in my last year of my master studies of Marine Sciences, and created an interest in the global plastic pollution problem. That’s why I want to write my graduation thesis on this subject. I want to do a study on whether there is a correlation between microplastic concentrations and the amount of larger plastic debris. This would give us the possibility to estimate the distribution of larger debris based on the data that is already available on microplastics. Being aboard of the Bark Europa would give me the chance to get the data for my reseach, and it would give me the amazing experience to be on such a magnificent ship!"

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

Dear sailors, We have received a few questions about visa applications for the islands that we visit on our way up north. As our visits will be wind and weather dependent and we only know the exact date of our visit a few days in advance, the visas for the islands will be arranged on board by the captain. The costs for the visas will be handled on board as well, so no need to worry about that beforehand! All the best, TEAM BARK EUROPA

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

1/3 Introducing Vera and Gizelle: We, Vera Hemmen and Gizelle Mijnlieff are two dinghy sailors and journalism students, who are going to join the ship in Cape Town for the Atlantic crossing up towards Horta in the Azores. We are going to make a documentary about the unique journey aboard the Europa. For the documentary we will translate a seven-week journey to twenty minutes. The ship has a back to back watch-system and the way she sails is the same as they did explore the world centuries ago. For the documentary we plan to compare our modern western society to the way people live on the ship. We will be working from a concept of time, drawing inspiration from the Greek gods Kairos and Chronos. Chronos is the god of the ongoing time, which will stand as a metaphor for the society we live in, where a lot of people in the western world feel so much pressure to succeed in life. Kairos, on the other hand, is the god of the present time. The one that allows people to reflect and live in the moment.

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

2/3 Vera and Gizelle: We feel, with the lack of reach on your phones, the fact that you will be having to work together with the people on the ship and also nature’s forces, the sailing experience can help people to reach Kairos. An experience that will make a person richer, considering what is really important in your life. The film is hopefully going to portrait life on board with all of its aspects. How consequences of actions work so very directly, working together with the elements, and of course the people on board. Everybody on board is going to have their own role on the ship, and since we want to capture the journey as fully as possible, we sincerely hope that everybody will be open to be part of our documentary. We will respect everybody’s wishes and will also ask you to sign a permission form in case you want to be part of our project. We will always be open in our communication about the project and we are looking forward to getting to know the people on board.

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

3/3 introducing Vera and Gizelle The main documentary is going to premiere in half June on the Campusdoc Filmfestival, this means we will be doing a big part of editing on board. We hope that people who will watch the documentary realise that the world is bigger than the 50km2 they live in, as the world consists for more than 70% of water. So, as a starting point, we want to work with the concept of time, the rhythm on the ship, the aspect of historical value, working together with people and the forces of nature. However, we don’t want to be pinned down to these topics. In the end we want to stay open to what actually happens in real life on the ship, since a documentary should be documenting the truth, which in our opinion, can be a rough diamond on the Bark Europa. Vera and Gizelle

Kristin · 1 month

Hi everyone! I am quite excited to join you all for this adventure. I loved reading high seas adventures growing up and cannot wait go on one of my own. I'll be in Cape Town from March 31st. Let me know if you want to explore with me.

Florian · 1 month

Hello everyone, I'm really excited about the trip from Cape Town to Rouen. I'm looking forward to learn how to sail a tall ship and meet poeple who are interested in that. See you soon.

Andy · 1 month

Hi, can whoever emailed me the other day please resend it. I thought I could read it here & so deleted it. ta

Justine · 1 month

Hi, I’m Justine, so looking forward, in an excited/nervous way! I have zero sailing experience and am currently on a mission to do all of the wonderful life things I thought could only ever be dreams! I’m expecting to work hard, learn lots and experience some of the most stunning sights nature has to offer! See you all soon...

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

We are very happy to introduce Marcus, who will be sailing with you on this trip while conducting oceanographic research on board. "My name is Marcus and I’m from a small town in Wales, U.K. called Machynlleth, where I’m often found at the beach, knee deep in water or peering into rock pools with my camera! I’m a student at Bangor University, studying for a BSc in Applied Marine Biology and I am absolutely thrilled to have been given this opportunity to embark on the 2019 EUROPA voyage from Cape Town to Horta in April as part of the research team! During the voyage, I will be researching how plankton changes with latitude from the South Atlantic to the North Atlantic and then try to explain this by collecting data on variables such as ocean temperature and salinity, in order to develop a better understanding of plankton communities within this area. Anyone is more than welcome to help out! I look forward to meeting you all - see you on the ship!"

Gordon · 1 month

Hello everyone, I'm joining the journey from Cape Town all the way to Rouen. This will be my first in blue water and tall ship sailing, super excited! I'll be in Cape Town from April 3rd, so if anyone is up for some sightseeing/hiking/exploring before embarkation, let me know!

Laura · 2 months

Hi everyone, I am doing the Horta to Rouen trip starting 30th May. Really looking forward to the adventure but a little nervous too! The first and last tall ship trip I did was about 20yrs ago from Cape town to Carribean and always sticks in my mind as being an amazing experience I would some day come back to. Hope that some of you on the trip will post on here.

Andy · 4 months

Hi all! Looking forward to this immensely! I did Cape Town to Boston last year on Europa. Returning to St Helena & Ascension will be great, but the journey itself is the highlight for me. Nothing quite beats the 4 to 8am watch. Stars, dawn, breakfast & bed!

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