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Montevideo - Falkland Islands - Ushuaia

Welcome to the community page Montevideo - Falkland Islands - Ushuaia

Welcome on board Europa for your sailing adventure from Montevideo to the Falkland Islands and Ushuaia!

The Falkland Islands have a rich history embracing maritime trade, missionary links, Darwinian discoveries and participation in the two World Wars. Links with sealers, whalers, explorers and South American indigenous people have helped to shape the culture, as well as the natural environment of today’s Falklands. From fossils to geological features, historic buildings to shipwrecks, reminders of the past can be found everywhere in the Islands. The Falkland Island Museum in Stanley is an excellent starting point to gain an appreciation of Island life, past and present. 


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Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Dear Sailors, We would like to inform you that at the end of this month this community page will be taken offline. Kind regards, Team Bark EUROPA

Andreas · 9 months

And she is on her way from Montevideo to Stanley :-) Fair sailing and see you there.

Birgita · 9 months

hi everyone, Looking forward meeting you all in Stanley. Arriving there on Nov. 18, after almost a week in Chili. for those of you setting sail earlier: Enjoy yourself as much as you can :-) and I will join you...

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, We hope you are doing well with your voyage preparations. We would like to inform you that we have added two new documents to the Travel Information Section of this Community Page. Please read them before your embark on the Bark EUROPA. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask! Bark EUROPA

Sylvia · 9 months

Hi everybody ! For quite a number of you the journey with the Europa will start tomorrow from Montevideo. Hope you have a marvellous trip to the Falklands where Marian and I will join you. For now our focus lies on questions like: which shoes and boots to take and how heavy will the luggage be. Over 10 days we will be off and fly to Punta Arenas for a short stay in the national park Torres del Paine. I am looking forward meeting you all at the Falklands.

Marian · 9 months

Hallo fellow sailors, Sylvia and I are looking forward to meet everybody sailing from The Falklands to Ushuaia. We also will arrive at The Falklands the 18t of November with LATAM flight 895 from Punta Arenas after a few days Ecocamp in Torres del Paine.

Bin · 9 months

Just arrived in Montevideo. I emailed the hotel I'm staying at (Hotel Palacio) and they contacted a car company to pick me up from the airport and drop me off at the hotel. Cost was 900 uruguayan pesos, or about 35 USD. You go through passport control, get your luggage, walk out and there is someone with a pice of paper with your name on it. Very easy and painless. I imagine other hotels do something similar. You can also take a taxi, but this was more convenient.

Zoé · 9 months

Hello Sailors! Would you like to meet for our last lunch in Uruguay? I would love a good steak, and tripadvisor has nice recommendations near the Punta Carretas: Or we may stay near the harbour, and find a restaurant near the Museo de Carnaval?

Roslyn · 9 months

CLOTHING TIPS (# = a paragraph break). # 1) from my friend Michelle who sailed on Europa a few years ago :- # "Not sure about tights (stockings) as if they get wet you have to strip off all your other layers - there were times down south where I wore 2 pairs of thermals. # I didn't have ski goggles and didn't feel the need, but some others took them. # The brand of thermals I had was called Blizzard - they are manmade fibre rather than wool but I found them better, and easier to wash and dry. I got them at Aussie Disposals. # Gloves need to be waterproof - I took polar fleece ones but didn't use them much. There are places on top of the heaters in the saloon to dry gloves and hats, and you dry your outer layers in the hall near heaters overnight. Mark your stuff, especially gloves, as they look alike and sometimes people took mine by mistake. # Take a reasonable camera - but some people there will have cameras with massive lenses. I found there were more photographer folk than saiing folk on the sa

Roslyn · 9 months

Hi All, Jon & I arrived into Buenos Aires a few hours ago after some 19 hours of travel from Sydney via Santiago. If you want to meet up in BA or Montevideo then please contact me. We'll be doing the free BA Open House this weekend. See my previous posts on this & the hotel some of us have already booked into in Montevideo. We get the ferry BA to MV on Mon 30th Oct 7:30am Cheers Roz Facebook Messenger "Roslyn Jan" WhatsApp or text +61 412 911-111 Email

Sophie · 9 months

Hi everyone! I'm struggling to find the proper shoes/boots to wear on the ship and for the landings. Any tips anyone?

Roger · 9 months

Roger & Lorraine. We will be joining Europer in Montevideo and going through to Ushuaia. we are from Queenstown New Zealand..and looking foward to meeting you all..

Lynne · 9 months

Andrew and I will be joining Europa in Montevideo. We are looking forward to the challenge of sailing in the Southern hemisphere, experiencing the awe-inspiring scenery and its fauna.

Andrew · 9 months

Lynne and I are joining in Montevideo and leaving in Ushuaia. Neither of us have sailed on a square rigger before and are hugely looking forward to the experience, and of course the wildlife. We visited the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge last week, and are watching past episodes of David Attenborough documentaries. My copy of "South" lies open ...

Stephen · 9 months

Hopefully see you guys when I get in on the 31st. Save a beer for me!

Roslyn · 9 months

MONTEVIDEO HOTEL Jon & I are booked into this place. So has Stephen. "Hotel Palacio" Bartolomé Mitre 1364, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo, 11000, Uruguay Phone: +59 829 163 612 via $80 USD for 2 nights from Mon 30 Oct, Standard Double Room "Invite friends and earn £15" Enjoy a £15 cash reward when you refer family and friends to How it works: 1. Send the invite link to friends. 2. Your friends book using this link. 3. After their stay, you receive £15 and your friend gets a cash reward of £15 too.

Silvia · 9 months

Meeting in Buenos Aires / Montevideo - Dear Sailors, most of you who will be joining Bark Europa in Montevideo stay for a few days more or less in Buenos Aires and / or Montevideo. Is anyone interested in meeting already in Buenos Aires / Montevideo for shopping, city tour, going out for supper or other touristy activities? In case you are interested please write when, where and what you would like to do and we or you can meet before the big adventure starts:)

Roger · 10 months

I was asked by my wife if I had previous sailing experience. Of course!

Raymond · 10 months

12 hours till I fly out to join the ship in Montevideo at the end of the month via the Galapagos Islands. All jobs that aren't done can wait for January and what I don't have in my sea bag I will buy over there. Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time going south

Magdalena · 10 months

I will be joining Bark Europa at Falklands, arriving at Stanley/Falklands18th November at 13:00h with LANTAM AL895, coming from Punta Arenas. Sophie and Janine and ?: Shall we share transport (taxi) from airport to docks? Looking forward to meeting you all November 18th!

Diego · 10 months

Hi folks I will be joining in Montevideo an staying untill ushuaia. Im backpacking since sept. in Colombia and Ecuador an have my flight on the 25th to montevideo, where i have to do some shopping as well. I have no sailing experience, but i am eager to try it out:-) so see you soon

Zoé · 10 months

Hello fellow sailors! I expect to arrive in Buenos Aires on the 27th October by land, as the Europa voyage is part of my trip around the world. I m very much looking forward to meet you all prior to setting off, once we know where the Europa will be berthed we should arrange a place to meet! I am only carrying the minimum amount of clothes and equipment to travel and trek, so I will be spending some time in Buenos Aires / Montevideo in order to shop for good boots, seal-skins and a few extra layers. Any suggestion on equipmsho or shops are very welcome! Also if any of you are planning on a last shopping trip, maybe we can go togheter, so get in touch!

Steve · 10 months

For all those travelling via the Airbridge, the timings of checking in have changed. I would keep an eye on the FIC Facebook page - You must report by 21:30BST at the guardhouse, or rick not being able to get on!

Tom · 10 months

Hi everyone. I am from Finland. Joining the ship in Montevideo and staying on bord to Ushuaia. Looking forward to sail on barque Europa.

Rocky · 10 months

Hi folks, I will be joining in the Falklands. My friend Michael and I will be arriving in the Falklands on 11 November. This will be a good challenge as I have never sailed on a tall ship, though I hope my entertainment rigging skills will help me.

Jos · 11 months

Hello to all my travel companions! I will fly to Buenos Aires on the 27th of October and will sail the full trip from Montevideo to Ushuaia. I am a retired neurologist from the Netherlands. I look forward to this wonderful voyage!

Nigel · 11 months

Hi Everyone; I am joining in the Falklands. I am getting there on the MOD airbridge 16.11. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Michael · 11 months

Hello Everyone, I'm from Chicago and I will be joining the ship in the Falklands. I am travelling with my friend Rocky from San Francisco. I can't wait!

Roslyn · 11 months

Hi All, My husband Jon & I are looking forward to meeting you all. We both live in Sydney Australia, but Jon is originally from England. He migrated to Oz 2 years ago. We will be sailing Montevideo - Stanley – Ushuaia as our delayed honeymoon ! I am just planning our travels before & after the voyage. If you’d like to join us for some bits, then please let us know :- --- (1) We arrive into Buenos Aires on October 24th & plan to see the free Open City events on October 28-29. This is a great opportunity to see some of the lovely architectural buildings for FREE & view areas not normally open to the public. We attended the same event in London & it was fantastic ! --- (2) Montevideo or Piriapolis – arrive Monday 30th October *** (Continued in comments) ***

Oscar · 11 months

Hello everyone I will be joining Europa in Montevideo, of course waiting for this unforgettable experience and will be a pleasure to share with all of you.

Gerardo · 11 months

Hi everyone! I'm from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I'll be joining you on Montevideo. I'm really looking forward to meet you all!

Chris · 11 months

Travel from Mount Pleasant airport to Stanley, meeting flight LA895 arriving 1pm on Sat 18th November. There is a shuttle bus to Stanley which meets this flight, and the cost is £17.00, or 20 Euros, or $22 USD (confirmed by email with them today), and you pay the driver. I think it would be sensible to warn them how many of us will be coming. At the moment I count three on this forum: Sophie, Janine and myself - are there any more? I'll offer to book for us if you agree (reply to this post), but if you want to contact them directly it is run by Falkland Islands Tours and Travel,, tel +500 21775 (landline) or 51775 (mobile) Web-pages mention taxis as an alternative, but I could only find two phone numbers online: one rang unobtainable, and the other was a rather grumpy private number. So I think it's bus or walk!

Jon · 11 months

Photos of Europa in Australia in 2013 for the tall ship festival at the International Fleet Review

Jon · 11 months

Hi everyone, my partner Roslyn and I are flying from Sydney to Buenos Aires on 24-Oct and are planning to arrive in Montevideo around 30-Oct. We would be interested in what accommodation research and/or bookings that anyone else has made for Montevideo. Look forward to meeting you all and making new friends.

Moti · 11 months

Hello there,joins to Europe in Montevideo, and, like everyone else, expects an extraordinary experience

Catherine · 11 months

Hello everyone. I'm sailing from Montevideo to Stanley. Will be arriving in Montevideo on the 28th October, in good time to have a look around. Nearer the time , we could arrange to meet up for a drink. Am coming from the UK. Catherine

Sophie · 1 year

Hi everyone! Im on the LATAM flight from Santiago to Stanley on the 18th. So I'll join from the Falklands after a couple of daus in Santiago. Our flight arrives at 13h at the Falklands, let's share some transportation from Stanley Airport to the docks! So looking forward to this trip!

Kira · 1 year

Hi there. Looking forward to meeting all of you who will be joining in Montevideo. I think I arrive the 30th.

Chris · 1 year

Does anyone have any photographic advice to offer? So far my thoughts are my trusty DSLR & 28-300 zoom, a small compact camera and a waterproof back-pack. I have various other bits and pieces but I don't want to cart a load of stuff that I will never use half way round the planet!

Stephen · 1 year

Hello I will be joining Europa in Montevideo ( if we can ever find her!). Flying from the UK via Madrid arriving 31st Oct at 08:55. I currently have rooms booked in both ports! Anyone doing any thing similar?

Ibrahim · 1 year

Hello everyone! I will be joining the Montevideo to Ushuaia part of this trip. I am very looking forward to this experience.

Bin · 1 year

I have not had a chance to buy a plane ticket or reserved a hotel room. But now that I am free, I will do both shortly!

Silvia · 1 year

Hello @all, I am looking forward to meeting all of you aboard the Bark Europa from Montevideo to the Falkland Islands and Ushuaia:)

Janine · 1 year

Hi, I will join from the Falklands to Ushuaia and fly in with LATAM on Saturday 18th.

Roger · 1 year

Hello fellow travellers. I'm aboard for the Montevideo-Stanley-Ushuaia legs. I've never been to sea but I'm learning sea-shanties in preparation. Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing an adventure or two.

Andreas · 1 year

Hello fellow travelers, I am also joining in Stanley flying on the Airbridge from Brize Norton. My flight is on 15/11 to 16/11. Looking forward to meeting everyone and saying hello to Europa again :-)

Chris · 1 year

I've chosen to come on the LATAM flight that arrives on Sat 18th so sadly I won't have much time in the Falklands, although I hope to see a little bit of them. Any advice on how best to handle the stop-over in Santiago airport would be most welcome.

Steve · 1 year

Hi All I am flying from the UK to the Falklands on the FIC Airbridge, which now runs via Cape Verde. The flights have been changed, as the airport in Ascension is closed. They leave UK on Sundays and Wednesdays, flying from RAF Brize Norton. I am flying on Sunday 12th!

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