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Ocean-crossing from South Africa to Horta

Welcome in the community for: Ocean-crossing from South Africa to Horta

Welcome in the voyage community: CAPE TOWN - ST HELENA - ASCENSION ISLAND - AZORES

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Trainees joining us from Cape Town to the Azores are in for an adventure of a lifetime. With close to two months at sea and 7700 nautical miles, this voyage is for those who seek the real sailing experience. On the way to the Azores we will visit both St. Helena Island and Ascension Island, giving trainees the chance to explore these remote Atlantic islands. Due to problems with the airplane landing strip on Ascension Island, the islands now is even more difficult to visit, but certainly worth the voyage! Between these stops, you will learn all there is to know about tall ship sailing and life at sea from experienced crew members, and make friends for life with your watchmates, with whom you'll share sunrises and sunsets, rainy days and starry nights. Let the adventure begin!

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Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, With the last summer days coming to an end here in The Netherlands and the ship slowly making it's way south again on her way to Antarctica, it is also time to say goodbye to the community page of last summer! Because we want to give you some time to exchange numbers and photos, we will wait until November 15th to remove the community page. We hope that you have all good memories of your trip and we hope to welcome you again one day in the future! Team Bark EUROPA

Bark EUROPA · 10 months

Goodmorning sailors! Berthing location of bark Europa is tomorrow Tuesday 15th May at 17:00 hrs at Quay 6. Europa is the small purple vessel positioned in the 'W' of Victoria & Albert Waterfront in the map below. We are looking forward to meeting you!

James · 10 months

Hello All, As our embarkation day quickly approaches and we are gathering in and around the Victoria and Alfred Wharf, for those who wish, Mitchell's Scottish Ale House (big sign Waterfront Brewery and next door to the Ferryman's Tavern) is where we perhaps can have an informal meet and greet on Monday night May 14th say 730pm (1930hr) until? Back of the bar is good and has some space. I'm sure we'll find our kindred. Crew welcome as always. Looking forward to meeting you all. Jimbo the sailorman (short guy with white beard)

Lex · 10 months

Hello everyone, My name is Lex Helldorfer. I'm 19 years old and live in the Netherlands. I will be ariving in Capetown on the 8th of may. I'm very excited to go on this journey with you all.

Helena · 10 months

Hello, I wondered whether anyone has booked accommodation for Horta? I understand that we shouldn't book flights until 7th July but cannot stay onboard on the 6th so wondered what people plan to do? Thank you! Helena

Carl · 10 months

An interesting but lengthy article on Cape Town's water woes.

Carl · 11 months

Hi all. I’m Carl Beyerhelm from Arizona in the U.S. I retired from the U.S. Forest Service as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst about a year ago, and retirement has brought many opportunities for new adventures, like a 4-week stint doing volunteer GIS work for an NGO in Tanzania last Sep/Oct, and now a sailing voyage. I have no practical sailing experience, but am fascinated by the physics of sailing, so this seems like a perfect opportunity. I’ll only be able to be with you for a relatively short time…18 days from Cape Town to St Helena…as I have other commitments coming up, but I’m very much looking forward to becoming acquainted with you all, and experiencing life under sail aboard EUROPA.

Dan · 11 months

Greetings to all. I am Dan and I am excited about sailing again on the Bark Europa. I am from Arizona in USA but I manage to get to San Diego, CA where I sail much smaller ships than the Europa. Looking forward to meeting everyone. See you soon!

Kate · 11 months

Hi everyone. My name is Kate, I currently live on west coast of the US. I should arrive in Cape Town on the 12th of May and would love to explore Cape Town before the trip if anyone is up for it. I am am looking forward to the upcoming voyage and meeting everybody!

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear Sailors, We would also like to introduce: Douwe Teerling. Douwe (19) is the other very fortunate youngster from The Hague that has been granted a fully paid voyage by Friends of Europa fund. He just finished high school and is now enjoying a gap year which he uses to get ready for the application of the Marine Corps. As a child from our homeport Scheveningen he watched our old lady coming into port for many years and he has always dreamt of sailing on board Bark EUROPA. His dream is to follow in the footsteps of Cornelis Jol, an admiral/pirate from Scheveningen by crossing the ocean on a threemaster. TEAM BARK EUROPA

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear Sailors, Please give a warm welcome to: Maurits Oosterloo. Maurits (24) is one of the fortunate youngsters from the Hague that has been granted the voyage of his dreams, fully paid by the Friends of Europa fund. Maurits is currently finalizing his study Maritime Techniques and what he wants to do after that is not clear yet. What he does know is that he loves to work with his hands, as he is always working on his own small open boat in his spare time. Since two years he is the proud owner of a s-bilge that he fully restored again. His dream is to sail beautiful voyages on his s-bilge, so what’s a better way than starting his dream by educating him the traditional sailing routes on board Bark EUROPA? TEAM BARK EUROPA

Henri · 11 months

Hello everybody. I am Henri, currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I tend never to be far from the ocean but only last year managed for hte first time to cross one. I will be in Cape Town as from 13 May and am looking forward to this adventure with all of you -

Bark EUROPA · 1 year

Dear sailors, The packinglist of the voyage information we have send out last week mentions an entry permit for Ascension Island. Please note you will not have to arrange an entry permit. As you will be mustered on board bark Europa you are visitors of the island and require a landing fee only. This will be organized on board on arrival at Ascension island. Good luck with the final preparations and see you soon! Team Bark Europa

Patrick · 1 year

Hi all! My name is Patrick, and I’m from the east coast of the US. I’ll be arriving in Cape Town around May 9th. This will be my first time on Bark Europa, and first time doing any major sailing. I’m looking forward to the voyage and meeting everyone!

Sam · 1 year

Hi All! I'm Sam from the UK, and I couldn't be more excited for the voyage, which will be my first on Bark Europa. I've recently returned from Australia, where I was lucky enough to work on board the tall ship Søren Larsen in Sydney Harbour for nearly 10 months - long enough to have me hooked on ship life! We rarely left the harbour though so I can't wait to go out to sea! Looking forward to meeting everyone in May!

Helena · 1 year

Hello everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Helena and will be travelling from the UK to join the Cape Town to Horta voyage. I’ll be looking to arrive in Cape Town one or two days before we begin. It's my first time on Bark Europa and I'm really looking forward to the voyage and to meeting you all. Helena

James · 1 year

Hello All, Glad to be sailing again on Bark Europa. (two prior Antarctica trips). Wishing us all Fair winds and Following seas. Allen, I see you are already "down under" in your photo. Go Navy. Arriving May 13th. Wishing for rain and water for Capetown. Best wishes to all for safe arrivals and happy times. Looking forward to a great sail with all. All the best, Jimbo in New York. Arrrrgh Maties!!!

Allen · 1 year

Hey everyone! I'm really looking forward to this voyage. I've spent the last ten years as an Officer in the US Navy, but a logistics officer, not a ship driver. I've sailed on small boats since I was a kid, and have done some open ocean sailing. I'm a big geek for the age of sail so this is a dream trip for me. I'll be getting to Cape Town on May 5th, if anyone wants someone to do some touristy stuff (wine country, shark diving, etc) let me know!

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