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Rouen to Scheveningen: 2019 Liberty Regatta

Welcome to the community page Rouen to Scheveningen: 2019 Liberty Regatta

It's time to race! After an ocean crossing from Cape Town and the Azores we have reached France and are ready for the summer races! Here the international fleet will gather in preparation for the race, giving us a chance to check out our competition before the race. During the voyage we will be busy with trimming sails, observing the weather to decide on the fastest route, and of course keeping an eye on our competitors via updates from the race committee. After crossing the finish line, we will be in our home port of Scheveningen for her first Sail Event!

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Peter · 3 weeks

Hello to anyone logging in after our wonderful (but short!) trip from Rouen. To those who were on board all the way up from South Africa, I envy your stamina. And to the crew who worked so hard on such little sleep, thanks so much for making this a memorable trip!

Jaak · 1 month

Looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew on saturday

Monique · 2 months

I booked a train ticket from Amsterdam to Rouen on friday june 14, so one day before boarding. I guess staying on board that night won't be possible so I think I'll try to find a hostel/hotel in Rouen. Saturday visit the port to watch all the ships!

Andy · 5 months

I know you don't want to think about getting off the boat, but I just booked my trip home via ferry & train to London (from The Hook Of Holland just down the coast) very cheap at €44 for the trains & ferry. I'm getting the afternoon boat on 22nd June.

Gordon · 6 months

Looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew this June.

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