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Welcome in the community for: Horta to Stavanger

Welcome in the voyage community: Horta, AZORES - Stavanger, NORWAY

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The Azores archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 miles west of Portugal. It is the only land between America and Europe. From the Azores we have three weeks of sailing the ocean on our way to Stavanger in Norway. First we will be sailing the Atlantic Ocean, but after about two weeks we will enter the North Sea and it will be possible to see land again!
After 16 days of gorgeous ocean and North Sea sailing we will meet the international Tall Ship fleet in the beautiful town of Stavanger.

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Manfred · 1 week

I'm travelling to Horta on Friday, July 6th, have accomodation at Hotel Sao Francisco (center). First meeting @ Peter Cafe Sport at night; the Pub&Bar is celebrating its hundreds anniversary this year!

Rits · 2 weeks

Last trip I made on the Europa was from Horta to Best in 2016.

Rits · 2 weeks

Looking forward to be on board again. It has been too long. Only 5 months to go.

Bark EUROPA · 3 weeks

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for the voyage from the Azores to Stavanger. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Team Bark EUROPA

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