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Welcome in the community for: Horta to Stavanger

Welcome in the voyage community: Horta, AZORES - Stavanger, NORWAY

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The Azores archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 miles west of Portugal. It is the only land between America and Europe. From the Azores we have three weeks of sailing the ocean on our way to Stavanger in Norway. First we will be sailing the Atlantic Ocean, but after about two weeks we will enter the North Sea and it will be possible to see land again!
After 16 days of gorgeous ocean and North Sea sailing we will meet the international Tall Ship fleet in the beautiful town of Stavanger.

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Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, With the last summer days coming to an end here in The Netherlands and the ship slowly making it's way south again on her way to Antarctica , it is also time to say goodbye to the community page of last summer! Because we want to give you some time to exchange numbers and photos, we will wait until November 15th to remove the community page. We hope that you have all good memories of your trip and we hope to welcome you again one day in the future! Team Bark EUROPA

Manfred · 8 months

I'm travelling to Horta tomorrow July 6th, on flight TP6595 from Lisbon scheduled 15:00 hrs. Maybe one can meet each other in the terminal for further actions; my mobil number: +49-171 7735699. See you tomorrow!

Elisabeth · 8 months

My beloved one who will stay ' behind ' is wondering why the Ship is not trackable by marine-traffic (??) Is that so and why not? I quess he is getting a little bit nervous too - may be See you soon!! It is hardly to believe that it will be thát soon

Tanja · 9 months

Is anyone planning to take GoPro or any kind of action camera onboard?

Tanja · 9 months

Hello everyone! I am the other half of couple Tanja and Hannes. I will join the crew with excitement and curiousity, for the first time in Atlantic Ocean or any large sailing vessel. Lookin forward seeing you at Peter's or on Europa! 18 nights to go!

Bark EUROPA · 9 months

Dear Sailors, as your voyage is approaching, we have received word from Horta as to were Bark EUROPA will be berthed. Keep in mind, if the location changes, you can most likely find her by just looking around! Horta harbor is not that large and our lady will be the most beautiful ship there! Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA

Terry · 9 months

Just noticed Neils is joining is this the same Neils that has sailed to Antartica in 2012 With Captain Eric

Terry · 9 months

Hello all its terry here I arrive on the 6July and I am staying InHotel Sao Francisco if you are setting up a what's app page My phone number is 07836367372 I have not booked anywhere in stavanger yet if anyone has any idea what they fancie doing I am there until the 30 when I fly home

Helle · 9 months

Hi there! I'm thrilled knowing we are almost reaching the day where we will be joining Bark Europa in Horta and finally get the chance of meeting everybody. It's my first ocean voyage. Strongly looking forward to it. I will be arriving on the 6th and would love to join at Peter's bar as well. See you soon.

Hannes · 9 months

Hi all, I'm joining in with my wife Tanja. We will fly to Horta on 6th and hope to meet fellow trainees at Peter's Bar some night. Looking forward to the ocean voyage (the first for both of us)!

Niels · 9 months

In two and a half weeks there will be a reunion for me with Horta and Bark Europa. See you at Peters Sports Bar on July the 8th.

Rachel · 9 months

We did a WhatsApp group! Please contact me with a private message with your phone number if you want to join us! See you!

Feike · 9 months

Hi fellow trainees, Nice to read your messages (and to see Manfreds nice video). Ik planned to arrive the 8 of july in Horta en perhaps we see another in Peter's bar that evening. It 's my 4th trip, so I am hopeful of a nice trip to Norway. I read some questions about clothing: take not to much! the crew takes also wash-turns every week. Bad weather cloths are preferable (if necessary also suited for a cold night-watch!). Moi!

Rob · 9 months

Hi fellow sailors, I'm arriving on the 3rd and will be camping, swimming and hiking before disembarkation. Hope to meet you before we set sail. Is setting up a WhatsApp group a good idea?

Chelsey · 9 months

Hello! just wondering would anyone know how much the personal indemnity insurance must cover for the trip?

Steve · 10 months

Sailing again! Arriving on the 4 th Looking forward to meet fellow passengers/crew

Georg · 10 months

Is anybody up for sharing an accomodation in Horta for some days before embarkation? I will be arriving on the 5th or 6th and would like to save some money by not having to pay for a double room by myself :)

Georg · 10 months

Hi guys, just signed up for my first sailing trip as well. I have not booked any flights to Horta yet, but I'll try to make it on time to maybe meet up with everyone before. I also would be glad to get any tips on what to bring, especially clothes-wise (except whats on the official packing list). I am really looking forward to meeting everyone! Greetings from Vienna! Georg

Joe · 10 months

Hey, looking forward to meeting everyone! Can I check, would normal walking waterproofs be ok or do we need proper sailing ones? And are wellington boots ok or should I buy some deck boots? Thanks! Joe

Kerstin · 10 months

Finally I managed to make my dream come true and I booked the crossing. As it is my first time on board, does anybody have some extra advice of what to bring (apart from the “official” packing list) respective not to bring? I will arrive on the 5th as I am planning to do some scuba diving before the 9th. Meet you at Peter's Bar. Looking forward to meeting you all. Kerstin

Allen · 10 months

Hey everyone! I'm going to be sailing with the Europa from Cape Town to Stavanger, felt like getting the whole Atlantic in! I will have a cottage in Horta for the duration of the time it's in port and I have an extra bed. If you're coming in and need a place for a night or two before we get underway let me know.

Elisabeth · 10 months

Hi there😎 It won't be long now until we'll meet eachother... I can't imagine this dream to be in 'the middle of the ocean ' will really come true. At Stavanger i will stay on board to join the race to Harlingen: anybody else? Thank you Rits for posting that video - a nice impression what to expect. I am wondering what type of wheater we shall have.

Rachel · 10 months

Hello everybody! I'm a new one, I just book my reservation. I'm looking forward to come in this voyage. I'll arrive around the 6th of July. I'll know if somebody is interesting to share the accomodation before to embark the 9th?

Manfred · 10 months

Hi Rene, good to see you again! When will you arrive at Horta?

Rene · 10 months

Looking forward to get on board. Nice to see there will be a few people on board I met on trip Horta - Amsterdam in 2014. See you soon Manfred, Rits and Niels.

Bark EUROPA · 10 months

Goodmorning Sailors. As summer is approaching more information becomes available on the program for the Tall Ships races in Stavanger after our spectacular Sail in into Stavanger with all the other Tall Ships on 26th July. On 27th July there will be several crew activities that you can participate in, most importantly the always fun crew parade through the city. Information on transport around Stavanger is available as a download in your travel information. And a first draft is available on where the Class A ships like Europa will be berthed during the event. Summer and Europa are on its way!

Ulrich · 1 year

Hi, I'll also arrive on friday, 6 july on the 15:00 SATA-flight from Lisboa. I'll definetely be at Peter's Bar that night. Greetings from Rarotonga, South Pacific. Ulrich

Julie · 1 year

hello community...looking forward to meeting you all! :) Jules

Jutta · 1 year

"Waiting for the summer...!" to go on my third tall ship voyage! I'm arriving on the 6th of July, too, so Manfred - perhaps we will already meet in the plane or share a taxi ..

Geraldine · 1 year

Nervous and excited in equal measure .. currently trying to sort out Insurance Cover for the trip .. look forward to meeting you all - Geraldine

Manfred · 1 year

I'm travelling to Horta on Friday, July 6th, have accomodation at Hotel Sao Francisco (center). First meeting @ Peter Cafe Sport at night; the Pub&Bar is celebrating its hundreds anniversary this year!

Rits · 1 year

Last trip I made on the Europa was from Horta to Best in 2016.

Rits · 1 year

Looking forward to be on board again. It has been too long. Only 5 months to go.

Bark EUROPA · 1 year

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for the voyage from the Azores to Stavanger. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Team Bark EUROPA

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