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Scheveningen - Cascais - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo

Welcome to the community page Scheveningen - Cascais - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo

After the Tall Ship Race 2018 from Stavanger to Harlingen and a maintenance period the EUROPA will make a short visit to her homeport Scheveningen before she heads south again. Within four legs, from Scheveningen to Cascais, Tenerife and Cabo Verde, EUROPA will sail the Atlantic Ocean towards Montevideo, Uruguay. From this South American harbor we will start with another series of Antarctica expeditions. This voyage is a unique opportunity to truly experience life at sea. The crew tries to involve all trainees as much as possible in running and sailing the ship. When sailing you take part in a watch system. You can steer, navigate, be lookout, climb the masts, set sail, brace, do rope and canvas work and on long voyages bake bread and assist with the maintenance of this beautiful ship.

In this community, you can get in touch with fellow trainees before the start of the voyage, as well as share tips on what to pack, how to best get around on the different stop overs and much more.

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Rick · 1 week

Hi all, I am Rick from Oregon, USA. I will be joining the Europa from Tenerife to Montevideo. I have spent some time at sea but never on a square rigger. Excited to meet my shipmates and learn how to sail the Europa. See you all soon.

Kathleen · 1 week

Hello, I'm Kathleen from Scotland, sailing the Scheveningen to Cascais leg. I've sailed twice before on Europa and I'm looking forward to meeting you all on another great adventure.

Margot · 1 week

Hello, i am Margot and i Will be travelling with my Friend Bernd from Scheveningen till Cascais. It is our first trip on a tall ship. We are looking forward to that. We live in the Netherlands near to Scheveningen. See you in September.

Willow · 2 weeks

Hello! My name is Willow and I am joining the Europa from Tenerife to Montevideo. This will be my first voyage aboard her and first blue water sailing adventure. I am excited to meet everyone (including king Neptune) and to learn the ways of the Europa. Fair winds, Willow!

Samantha · 3 weeks

Hello! I'm Samantha (Sam) from North Carolina, USA. This is my first voyage on the Europa, and I will be on the Scheveningen to Cascais leg. I am super excited to meet everyone and learn a ton.

Paul · 3 weeks

Hi all, I'm Paul from the Netherlands, i'll be on board from Scheveningen till Montevideo as well. Will be my 2nd long voyage on the Europa but don't ask me which rope leads to which sail (yet) :).

Charlotte · 3 weeks

Hi, I'm Charlotte from Canada. My friend and co-worker Katrin introduced me to this adventure and I am so happy to sail along with her and everyone else between Cascais and Tenerife. See you soon!

Svenja · 3 weeks

Hi everyone! My name's Svenja and i'll join the two legs from Tenerife to Montevideo. I've done a few sailing trips before and I'm super-excited to cross the Atlantic this time! Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Claudio · 3 weeks

Hi all. I am Claudio and have booked the trip from Tenerife to Sal. I am a sailing beginner and expecting only the best from this trip. I will stay a week at Cabo Verde before flying back to Berlin.

Isabella · 3 weeks

Hi! My name is Isabella. I'm a student from Germany and am very excited to join on the lag Cascais - Tenerife. I've been sailing on small boats since my childhood and made my first experience on a tall ship two years ago. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Evelina · 3 weeks

Hi All, My name is Evelina. I live in Boston, USA. Last year I sailed a tall ship for the first time on board Oosterschelde. We won a race Bermuda -Boston. Europa was docked next to Oosterschelde in Bermuda. I felt overwhelmed by its elegance. When I came home at the end of the race, I saw that Europa was docked right under my balcony! Of course it was meant to be. I am so excited to sail Scheveningen -Cascais. Hope to be in good shape after sailing in Scotland on board of Oosterschelde (again!). There will be barely enough time between the voyages to do laundry LOL. Any recommendations for a hotel in Scheveningen?

CHARLES · 1 month

Following the Europa's "Cape to Cape" voyage including Antarctica, South Georgia Island, the Roaring 40's and Furious 50's, the cold weather was always a major factor in the crew's day to day life. The Cape Verde to Montevideo leg in October - November promises to sail through a very different kind of weather. I looked up NASA's "Sea Surface Temperature" database by latitude and longitude and built this chart of typical temperatures along the route. It's an extra bit of info for planning what gear to bring.

David · 1 month

Hello all! I'm David (Dave) from Scotland, sailing the Cascais to Tenerife leg. I've covered a few thousand miles on Europa over the years, and I'm looking forward to another voyage to interesting places, with interesting people. Life aboard is never dull! :-)

Priska · 2 months

Hello, I am Priska from Switzerland. I will be on board from Scheveningen to Teneriffe. I look forward to meeting you all.

CHARLES · 2 months

Hello, I am Chuck from the U.S. near New York City and will be on the Cabo Verde to Montevideo segment. I am retired, and although I have sailed since I was a teenager, I never dreamed I would be making this trip! But now it's only about 6 months away, and I look forward to meeting you all, and the permanent crew in October!!!

Dianna · 2 months

Hi! I am Dianna from the U.S. I live in New Orleans and own a small baking company. I have been wanting to take this trip for a very long time and look forward to sharing this experience with all of you! 😊🌻

Katrin · 3 months

On the Ottawa River.

Katrin · 3 months

Hi, I am Katrin. I will be part of the Cascais-Tenerife leg. I live in Ottawa, Canada, where I work as an economic analyst for the federal department of agriculture. For the past three years, I have been dinghy sailing on the Ottawa River, as well as a bit of crewing on day outings on 25' keel boats. I am very, very exited about the trip.

Monika · 3 months

Hallo I am Monika and I will travel with my husband Heinz from Schevenningen to Cascais. We are from the south part of Germany - Far away from the oceans. It is our first sailing-tour, but with our children we did a lot of outdoor living and paddling in Sweden. It will be quite different. See you in August. Monika

Bark EUROPA · 3 months

Dear all, For those who booked the full trip from Scheveningen to Montevideo, or combining two legs, it is possible to stay on board during the stopover in Cascais and in Sal on a breakfast-only basis. During the days between two legs the crew will take care of cabin cleaning, taking in new stores and will be busy with custom procedures and maintenance. After breakfast all guests will therefore be brought to shore, which is a good opportunity to stretch those sea legs and explore the towns and islands. No lunch or dinner will be served and after dinner you will all be welcomed back on board! However, during our stop in Tenerife, you can't stay on board. Please arrange accommodation on the island for 2 nights from the 27th September until the 29th of September. On the 29th you will be welcomed on board again at 17.00 in the afternoon. For those who have only booked one leg, it is not possible to stay an extra day on board. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Team Bark EUROPA

Sally-Ann · 3 months

Hi I am Sal going all of he way. Is there another female single traveller who would like to share accommodation in n Tenerife. I’m not sure where to book. Any ideas guys.

Peter · 3 months

Hallo my name is peter, but everybody calls me Pete. Will be on the trip all the way from Scheveningen to Montevideo, Did Some ocean sailing on the ketch”Bessie ellen” from Tenerife to falmouth. Also Did Sail from croatia to Mallorca via italy,sicily,Sardinië,menorca. So hope to meet you all in september but first i Will be sailing in my little RAB guc around the Island of hvar where i live.greetings Pete.

June · 3 months

Hello, My name is June Cormier and my husband Michael and I will be sailing aboard Bark Europa from Cascais to Tenerife. We are from New Hampshire, in the eastern United States. We both love the ocean and spend our summers fishing and lobstering off the NH coast. We have several motor boats and I have an ocean rowing shell. I used to do lots of racing, but now I just row around the coast and on lakes, at leisure! We do not have any recent sailing experience, but do have a great interest and are quite excited about our short voyage. We were tempted to try a longer trip, but decided to "get our feet wet" with the 12 day trip. I am a nurse and work per diem in a cardiac unit, which allows me to travel quite a bit. Mike is a recently retired VP of development at a non profit still does a bit of part time work. We are looking forward to meeting the crew and all of our travel mates! We will be staying in Lisbon for 3 days, then in Cascais from Sept 13-16 at F3 Hostels, fairly close to the waterfront.

Matthew · 4 months

Hi, my name is Matt Ellis, I'm a Canadian looking forward to the hop from Scheveningen to Cascais. I'll be travelling with my wife Maria. Super excited, I've sailed on a number of small boats since I was a teenager, but nothing to compare with this.

Huib · 4 months

Voorlopig, tot 3 september

Frits · 4 months

En nog een vraag: welke taal in deze community: Dutch or English?

Frits · 4 months

Hallo medezeilers vanaf 2 september, Het duurt nog lang voordat we uit Scheveningen vertrekken, de voorpret en het voorbereiden gaat beginnen. Een eerste vraag: we verwachten op 11 november in Montevideo aan te komen; is het veilig om een terugvlucht op 14 november te boeken of moet ik een ruimere tijdsmarge inbouwen? Groet, Frits

Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for the voyage from Scheveningen to Montevideo. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Team Bark EUROPA

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