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Tall Ships Race: Stavanger - Harlingen

Welcome to the community page of the Tall Ships Race from Stavanger to Harlingen

It's time to race! This voyage will start in Stavanger. Here the international fleet is gather in preparation for the race, giving us a chance to check out our competition before the race. During the voyage we will be busy with trimming sails, observing the weather to decide on the fastest route, and of course keeping an eye on our competitors via updates from the race committee. After crossing the finish line, we will have reached the harbor of Harlingen, where there will be a Sail event with also lots of local traditional sailing vessels.

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Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, With the last summer days coming to an end here in The Netherlands and the ship slowly making it's way south again on her way to Antarctica , it is also time to say goodbye to the community page of last summer! Because we want to give you some time to exchange numbers and photos, we will wait until November 15th to remove the community page. We hope that you have all good memories of your trip and we hope to welcome you again one day in the future! Team Bark EUROPA

Archie · 7 months

Hi there all! Looking forward to meeting you all. Who will be at the festival today?

Bark EUROPA · 7 months

Now with the working links Dear All, we have received some information from Stavanger which might help you on your way to the ship: Here is some useful information for any crews arriving or departing from Stavanger Airport Sola: To and from the airport bus alternatives will be the Airport Express Flybussen ( or the regional bus company Kolumbus ( The Airport Express bus arrives and departs from Stavanger City Centre outside the Radisson Blue Atlantic Hotel (sign-posted). Have an amazing voyage! Team Bark EUROPA

Dorus · 7 months

Good day fellow sailors, I will arrive in Stavanger on Thursday Therefore I was wondering if there are others willing to join me on Friday when i'll be wandering through the city and enjoying the festivities. (Please comment on this message) I will be staying in the Vandrerhjem Mosvangen hostel. Hope to see you there. Greetings, Dorus Koefoed

Lothar · 8 months

Only one week to go, we are looking forward to it!

Moses · 8 months

Ahoy! Where are my shipmates!

Bark EUROPA · 10 months

Goodmorning Sailors. As summer is approaching more information becomes available on the program for the Tall Ships Race in Stavanger. The Tall Ships fleet including Europa will make a spectacular entrance into Stavanger at the Sail in on 26th July. Most ships will be open for the public at certain times when in port, so if you are in Stavanger early this is your chance to have a look around. Information on transport around Stavanger is available as a download in your travel information. And a first draft is available on where the Class A ships like Europa will be berthed during the event. Summer and Europa are on their way!

Bark EUROPA · 1 year

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for the voyage from Stavanger to Harlingen. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Team Bark EUROPA

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