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Changing the clock

ETA Cape Town 28 APR 2023 LAM (appr. 730 miles to go)

Thursday night we changed the clocks another hour towards Cape Town. The ship is now on UTC+1.

The mood on board is incredibly good. These long trips you can sometimes 
feel something like a tiredness descend over the ship. Not this time, Singing, music, laughter, conversations on lookout and at the helm, lectures, sailtraining sessions. It's all still going.

Geschreven door:
Eric Kesteloo | Captain



Thank you Eric and Team for the regular updates. It has made all the difference for those of us following from afar and enabled this landlubber to share in the experience from the relative warmth and security of her sofa : ) Onwards to Cape Town!!

SUZANNE  |  27-04-2023 11:32 uur

wat een prachtige reis is het geweest. Alles gelezen en gevolgd.

margriet  |  24-04-2023 15:18 uur

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