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Into the great wide open

29/09/2014 22:00utc, Pos: 24 52’N 017 17’W Wind: Bft 4 NNE, Broad reach with stunsails, clear skies and a crescent moon.

I remember as a kid I’d trace the contours of exotic coasts and far away islands with my little finger. The great unknown started somewhere south of Belgium and my treasured collection of charts, maps and atlases were the key to these new horizons. To set out for adventure, 4 kids in an Avon Redcrest dinghy with a Seagull outboard, somewhere in Brittany or Cornwall: enthralling!

Living in our postmodern world that horizon seems to have shrunk; due to the effect of globalization one can travel 20.000km arrive in a different time and climate zone, but somehow all the symbols from home seem to have travelled ahead of you. 

The ATM spits out money, the iPhone beeps out apps and the Golden Arches deliver your after-beer-burger. No need to think, everything remains the same, wherever you are. 

But now what? Where did adventure go, what about exploring the unknown; what stories to tell if all you experience is the same, safe and simple. We’ve effectively created an exploration vacuum in our society.

Our species, Homo sapiens, are story tellers by definition; we develop by stories; gain understanding of the world around us. One of these stories is how we set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean; an adventures from another era! Where comradery, and respect for the elements are our ingredients against globalization.

Ruud Blokzyl

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