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We took the chance to keep going with the lecture program that had to be postponed yesterday due to the hard rolling, heeling and pitching of the Europa while she was riding the rough seas of an authentic Drake Passage.

After our morning coffee time Skinner talks about the different kinds of ice that we have seen and how the glaciology affects the landscape formation, putting together many of the ideas that we have been talking about during our days in Antarctica. As this was going on the Spanker is also set, just to be taken away a while afterwards, together with the Fore Top Mast Staysail as we end up sailing almost downwind, also we had to brace squarer. Winds backed to a S-ly direction blowing 15 knots, sometimes increasing up to 20, while we are steering a course between 340º and 350º on our way North towards Cape Horn at 5 to 6 knots.

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