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Last day in Antarctica

Door: Alex Maciver

Today is our last day not just setting foot on the continent but our last day in Antarctica! We began with a Zodiac tour around Paradise Bay observing the glaciers glowing blue and looking at the path it carved down the...

Nansen Net

Door: Beth & Helen

The morning scientific work carried out by the eager team of Scouts on  board is to assist in investigating krill in the Antarctic Peninsula  area. Whilst on this voyage to Antarctica the Scouts have been tasked...

Polar Plunge

Door: Cathy Mummery

Every day is better than the one before. Today we sailed through the Graham Passage and past the shipwreck of an 100 year old rusting whaling ship. Then through the beautiful Wilhelmina channel full of icebergs and stunning...

Deception Island

Door: Alex Maciver

We sailed to Deception Island today which is a volcanic island. At first we landed in “Telefon Bay” and saw boiled (by the geothermal hot water) Seaweed and Krill on the shore; a few members also noticed a Weddell...

januari 2022

Argos aboard the Bark Europa

Door: Sam

Favourable weather conditions and a calm period in the Drake on January  16th brought the perfect conditions for the launch of another Argo float  from the Bark Europa. Launched from the aft of the boat at...

Furthest South

Door: Lucy Morgan

This morning is the furthest south we have been so far (and we are the furthest south of any cruise ship currently in Antarctica)! After spending the night floating anchor-less in a sea of icebergs we awoke to a world of...

Nansen Net

Door: George Stonor

The day started with anticipation to launch our Nansen net as part of our krill research project with the British Antarctic Survey. The tall net is suspended far below the water line where it collects krill and other small...


Door: Alan Noake

Today George Stoner was the first person to spot land (King George Island) after the Drake Passage! This morning we saw our first iceberg, and arrived at penguin island for our first landing, and walked up and around the...