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On our way to South Georgia

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

A sunny morning under clear skies and a fair breeze welcomed us to our  departure day. Before departure, a mandatory safety talk and  instructions must be conducted. While we were still alongside and with ...

november 2018

Last day of preparations in Montevideo

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Today, the last preparations to get the ship ready kept the crew busy  until shortly before it was time to embark the new voyage crew.  The last few days the bark Europa has remained moored in the huge port ...


Door: Janke Kingma

02 40 S 029 20 W Doldrums. This crossing it was not so much about no wind, but about the  direction of the wind. We met the SE’lies at 5 degrees North and when  the wind stabilised we changed course to...

Walking around like teletubbies

Door: Janke

6 days ago we left Sal. With favourable winds the first 24 hours we  sailed in between the islands. Finally the last land disappeared behind  the horizon and all on board knew that no land is to be seen for...

oktober 2018

The things we see at night

Door: Rienk Noorman

At night on the ocean it is not as dark as you might think. On Europa,   you may enjoy the night even more than the day, when it comes to the  lookout duties we do during our watches. At least I do. It is...

Life is good on board this historic vessel

Door: Johan van der Burgt

This is my first trip on a tall ship. On its way to Montevideo-Ushuaia  and Antartica. I'm participating on the small leg from Tenerife to Sal  (Cabo Verde).  We had last Sunday under a blue sky a smooth...

We landed at Selvagem Grande

Door: Luis Monteiro

Going ahead of schedule on the September 24th, we landed at Selvagem Grande, a Portuguese island located between Madeira and the Canaries. Being of volcanic origin, it's otherworldy and almost deserted. If it weren't...

Unexpected weather

Door: Janke Kingma

14 September 2018 38 41 N 009 41 W Before you leave port to start a voyage you have an imagination of the  area to sail in and under what circumstances that possible will be. The  input of information on...

september 2018

A promise of warm sun and shining blue water

Door: Sarah Saulnier-Leclerc

The seas south of Portugal hold their promise of warm sun, shining blue  waters with ever shifting hues, and steady winds. Time is flowing  slowly, as the sun travels above our masts, and I have lost the count...