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september 2023


Door: Team Bark EUROPA

17/9/2023 Dear Bark EUROPA Community, We are thrilled to share that our beloved lady EUROPA is back where she belongs - in the water! This achievement results from an incredible collaborative endeavor, and we cannot...

september 2023
september 2023
augustus 2023

Meet the Crew Monday: Seba

Door: Seba Aspee Amarales

Meet the Crew Monday: Engineer Seba👷🇨🇱 Seba sailed his first voyage in 2020 and it was one of the most memorable voyages the EUROPA made immediately. When all the borders started to close during the pandemic, Seba...

augustus 2023
juli 2023

Meet the crew Monday: Lotte

Door: Lotte Bouma

Meet the crew Monday!🌊   Today we would like to introduce you to: Cook Lotte👩‍🍳!   Lotte first joined EUROPA in 2021 and has explored various roles on board, find out more about the dishes tradition and...