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Patience, or taking it as it comes

Door: Janke

Pos: 46 38 N 008 37 W COG 250 Speed 1,6 kts   Patience, or just taking it as it comes. For the moment I choose the last. All sails are set. Yesterday we left the English channel and said   goodbye to...


Door: Joop

The signaling of dolphins becomes more regular. The   first ones in the middle of the night, mainly because of the trail of light they leave behind. The top layers of the ocean contain organisms that are capable...

Coiling Party

Door: Joop

Several cellphones receive messages from their provider: You are in UK   now… A few hours later one of the people on board says to me: “It looks like we are having English weather as well.” Some...


Door: Joop

Booking a trip on a seagoing vessel, unavoidably means during that the   voyage there will be celebrations of birthdays. Secretely friends sneak in little presents or birthday cards. Coming up from...

september 2021

Birds dancing in the sky

Door: Bram

“There might be nothing” I said to my buddy on the foredeck. It's a week ago since we set sail and for the first time, there was   literally nothing to be seen all around the horizon. With the sun...


Door: Joop

Winds have been quite modest up to now. There has been plenty of time   for storytelling. Some stories contain the truth, some half the truth and some are nothing like the truth. It’s up to you to to decide...

Outta this place

Door: Joop

“I wanna get outta this place, if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do” the radio shouts a little louder than it sounded a few minutes ago. The people doing the dishes sing along, they sing their...

Departure Scheveningen

Door: Joop

Starting a journey requires letting go of what ties you to the place where are at that moment. After the last goodbyes and little presents, the crew of Europa starts to untie the umbilical cords with Scheveningen. When...

Back in The Netherlands

Door: Team Bark Europa

Earlier this month, Europa was sailing on the North Sea for two weeks with a voyage crew and the same number of permanent crew. For all fellow crew it were two weeks of enjoying good company and learning a lot about sailing...

augustus 2021

Anchor overnight at Pannengat

Door: Jordi Plana

The Low Pressure System passing South of us, travelling between South England to the Danish coasts, keep giving us good NW-ly winds, but also frontal areas where squalls can easily develop. Good sailing conditions though,...