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De beste manier om de EUROPA te steunen en haar nog lange tijd de oceanen te laten bevaren is door anderen te vertellen over onze reizen. Uw reisverhaal kan een bron van inspiratie zijn voor vele anderen om aan boord te stappen van ons schip. We zijn erg geinteresseerd in uw review, of dat nu een kritische of juist heel positieve beoordeling is!

reviewed on 29/11/2022

This voyage was the experience of a life time for me, it was absolutely amazing. I learnt a lot about sailing, other people and myself. The camaraderie between voyage crew and permanent crew including captain, mate and boson, was outstanding in all circumstances. The food was great, healthy tasty and every day different, there were very few dishes which were repeated in 46 days on board! We lived together in close quarters but because of the different watches and different sleeping time it never felt crowded. I would definitely recommend travelling on the Bark Europa and I am already thinking about going on another voyage on board. I am very grateful for everybody who made and make these great voyages happening

Kathi Blömer
reviewed on 06/10/2022
Cascais here we come!

What a beautiful and exciting sailing experience on my trip with Bark Europa to Cascais! We had all types of weather, including a storm on the Atlantic Ocean. The Europa is a steady and safe ship with a very experienced and dedicated crew. It is so nice to be part of the sailing crew and be able to help with sailing the ship. For me it was the first time to sail non stop to Cascais on the Europa and it was an indescribable experience and worth repeating.

Jos van der Weele
reviewed on 04/09/2022
Beyond Imagination

You may imagine what a trip on bark Europa will be like. Tall ship, sail handling, ocean going. But the journey is so much more. Beyond imagination. The sights, the places, the people, the activities were all extraordinary and incredible. If you\'re considering a voyage with bark Europa, do it!

Stephanie Fowler
reviewed on 20/05/2022
Trip of a lifetime

All the paid crew were incredibly helpful, cheerful and patient. A truly memorable experience!

James Ogilvie
reviewed on 02/02/2022
High Adventure Experience

Throughout the voyage the Bark Europa crew were all friendly, kind and professional in everything they did for us as passengers. A fantastic high adventure experience way exceeding my expectations and without doubt a very special way to visit Antarctica.

Alan Noake
reviewed on 01/02/2022
Trip of a lifetime

I can\'t recommend this enough. I had the most wonderful time. The experience of sailing on a tall ship and visiting Antarctica in such a small group made it so special. The crew and guides were wonderful too. I really can\'t think of a single negative. Wondering what I can do in the future to top it, I can\'t!!! So maybe it\'s time to save up and book another trip on Bark Europa.

Cathy Mummery