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Nick names and so on (Moemoe)

Door: Marjon Weerepas

Last blog from me. Finally, she stops. I think if a reward was connected to writing a blog there would have been more blogs. Today we are going to say goodbye to the Antarctic. We say goodbye to the beautiful white with...

Yalour Islands

Door: Kellie Woolford

Majestic. That is how I would describe our landing on the Yalour Islands this afternoon.  We set out on the zodiacs, a routine that was at first exhausting has become second nature. “I’ve taken too many...

100 Bras every year?

Door: Marjon Weerepas and Jelena Uljankina

Yesterday we had a landing at the Ukrainian research station, the Vernadsky station. First we had to visit the old station. The weather conditions were not that great. It was snowing and sometimes hailing. The walk to the...


Door: Marijke Hoen

Hinderland is not an island in the Errera Strait but rather refers to an USA based rugged shoe company. The boots looked the part, were on sale and declared ‘ waterproof ‘ so this was  a winner buy for...

januari 2018

Antarctic Swim

Door: Sarah Gerats

The first days of our trip we had true Antarctic Weather – snow, rain, hail, spray, fog and wind. Now we have the other kind of true Antarctic Weather – sun at all times, day and night, no wind, sea like a mirror...

Secret blogs from the Antarctic animals

Door: Vivian Ho and Jelena Uljankina

Penguins on Cuverville Island: Our Chinstrap Penguin family is definitely fascinated by the human penguins. One day we were trying to to describe humans to our new-born chicks: Papa Penguin: “Humans are strange...


Door: Sarah Gerats

The year has been icy so far. As we left the South Shetlands behind and continued our journey further South, we arrived to a landscape of ice. Enormous rivers of ice flowing down to the ocean : the glaciers.Icecaps covering...

Snowflakes and icebergs

Door: Kate Crauwels

The night before New Year’s Day has become a night of building up anticipation and releasing it in celebration. Letting go of the old, reminiscing what was or could have been, and with all hands on deck, or with a gentle...

Trinity Island

Door: Simone Rittenauer

We started the day with the engine still running, bringing us to Trinity Island, pretty close to the Antarctic Peninsula. On the way to our anchor place, we could watch lots of icebergs floating by. Every time you can see an...

december 2017

We are here. We arrived.

Door: Sarah Gerats

The first day was white – white as in snow, as in hail, as in ice. As in spray from the waves, a wild landing and white as in toes that have been cold for a while. White (and a little wet) landings at Fort Point and...