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Open schip in Harlingen

Door: Team Bark Europa

Aanstaande zaterdag, 10 juli, organiseren we het eerste Open Schip dag van dit jaar! Deze dag is schrijver Boris Lemereis aan boord voor een signeersessie van het boek ‘De reis van Bark EUROPA’, dat juni...

juli 2021

Easing winds

Door: Jordi

Easing winds during the day made for starting our engines again in the evening, as the Europa was barely doing any speed even though all her canvas was spread. Late at night, just with the beginning of the new day, motor...

Rainy night

Door: Jordi en Eduardo

Rain showers sweeping over our course where last night’s change over the sunny and warm day. But soon in the early morning skies cleared up and sun shone on our decks and rigging for the day. The foul weather gear used...

juni 2021

Happy day!

Door: Leentje Toering

What a happy day, sailing again! We’re on our way to Scheveningen, like we were exactly one year ago. That time we came all the way from Ushuaia, sailing to our homeport non-stop in 81 days. Today is the first time after...

Fours season in a day

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Confusing dates when we live four seasons in one day are regular now, deep low pressure frontal systems pass by, squalls accompany them but in-between sun warms Europa’s decks. Flying over fields and marsh areas the...

mei 2021

Sirius 2009 - 2021

Door: Klaas & Marianne

Today, we had to say “Vaar-wel” to our beloved friend & EUROPA shipsdog, SIRIUS. His Life was:Sailing across Oceans. Visiting many ports. Doubling the Horn. Meeting Poseidon. Swimming in the deep blue with...

april 2021