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Arriving at Pitcairn

Door: Marretje Adriaanse

It will be difficult for me to explain everything I felt and thought when we first laid our eyes on Pitcairn Island. To sketch the setting, I need to give some background information on the days prior. James Walters, son...

juni 2024
juni 2024
juni 2024

Raft Rescue

Door: Helen

After any given time away from land, the return to it can feel like a burst of activity and commotion. Indeed, the onboard routine that we settle into (the comforting, cyclical nature of “eat, sleep, work, repeat”...

mei 2024

Exploring Pitcairn

Door: Janke Kingma

Yesterday morning we dropped anchor in Bounty Bay, the bay closest to Adamstown on Pitcairn. The weather was probably the best you can wish for. Sun, hardly wind, low swell into the little port. The...

“Maohi” (Pacific islander)

Door: Tavake

When you are a “Maohi” (Pacific islander) and you visit a sister island it’s impossible not to put attention in all the similitudes your island home has with this new land you are on. We share the same...

mei 2024