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Meet the Crew Monday: Bosun Nat

Door: Natalie Razavi

Meet the crew Monday: Bosun Nat! Nat first sailed on EUROPA in 2016 as part of the voyage crew. Join Nat as she shares her most cherished memories, from the dreamlike landscapes of the Weddell Sea during her first...

juli 2023
juni 2023


Door: Team

Dear sailors, We want to express our gratitude for all the kind words, support and understanding you have shown over the past weekend. The strength and unity of the Bark EUROPA community has been truly inspiring and we felt...

mei 2023

Important update from the ship

Door: Team Bark EUROPA

Dear Bark EUROPA Community, We regret to inform you that an accident has occurred during the maintenance period in Cape Town, resulting in Bark EUROPA partly falling over while attempting to be placed back into the water...

Changing the clock

Door: Eric Kesteloo

ETA Cape Town 28 APR 2023 LAM (appr. 730 miles to go) Thursday night we changed the clocks another hour towards Cape Town. The  ship is now on UTC+1. The mood on board is incredibly good. These long trips you can...

april 2023

On our way to Cape Town

Door: Eric Kesteloo

Hi all, Position: 36-54S 000-55E COG: 090T SOG: 4.5KN sailing beam reach SB tack ETA Cape Town 28 APR 2023 LAM (appr. 950 miles to go) Okay, where were we. Ah yes, Wednesday, sailing close-hauled on ...

Sailing to Cape Town

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Motorsailing in the light southerly winds And so it started, the last leg of our voyage. Behind us about 40 days and 4000nnm of Drake Passage, Antarctica, Scotia Sea, South Georgia, Southern Ocean, Tristan da Cunha. Now...

april 2023

Tristan da Cunha

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Fish factory, processing the 400 tones of Tristan lobster caught each year in the archipelago. Long boats, fishing rods and nets to fish in the rich waters surrounding the islands, catching enough fish to be distributed for...

Second day landing in the island

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Tristan da Cunha, Second day landing in the island. In the evening starting our way to Cape Town. Yesterday's landing at Tristan was a success. Several days at sea prior to arrival we were not even sure if we could make it...

april 2023