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A lucky Rapa Nui girl

Door: Tavake

4 years ago we, as Rapa Nui islanders, used to have a direct flight from Rapa Nui to the island of Tahiti that took us in just 5 and a half hours to the southwest corner of the Polynesian triangle where we had a close and open...

juni 2024

Raft Rescue

Door: Helen

After any given time away from land, the return to it can feel like a burst of activity and commotion. Indeed, the onboard routine that we settle into (the comforting, cyclical nature of “eat, sleep, work, repeat”...

mei 2024

Beach cleanup

Door: Marretje

On our last day on Easter  Island  we participated in a beach cleanup. When you think of a beach cleanup, you might imagine sandy beaches and sunshine. So did I. However, when we arrived this was not exactly what...

mei 2024

Storm surfers

Door: Marretje Adriaanse

The weather has not calmed down yet and we have almost gotten used to being wet. When I look out of the window, watching the rain pour down, I am happy to be inside.  Though , when pulling lines and feeling the wind in...

mei 2024

The nature of time

Door: Marretje Adriaanse

Time is a strange thing on board; days can fly by or pass very slowly. The hour before lunch is the longest hour of the day, where we wait with excitement, wondering what delicious things Shani and Cato will serve us today....

mei 2024

Mid-Voyage Reflections

Door: Peter Puskic

We're halfway to Rapa Nui. It has been pleasant sailing, with warm air, blue skies, and even bluer seas. It is my first time aboard the Bark EUROPA and my first time actually sailing. I’ve been to sea before. I am...

mei 2024