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Summer day under light airs in the North Sea

Door: Jordi Plana

Sunshine, warm temperatures, calm seas and light breeze backing gradually from SSW-ly to  SE-ly were the trademark of the day. Gently blowing from our back, Europa tries to keep some speed towards the North and...

Open schip in Harlingen

Door: Team Bark Europa

Aanstaande zaterdag, 10 juli, organiseren we het eerste Open Schip dag van dit jaar! Deze dag is schrijver Boris Lemereis aan boord voor een signeersessie van het boek ‘De reis van Bark EUROPA’, dat juni...

juli 2021

Changing our tack

Door: Jordi Plana

With a Low Pressure system catching up and overhauling our path, our course was turning on a NW direction. That made for changing our tack in the afternoon. Like that, when the new watch came up, we wore ship, and stood on...

Departure from the Lowlands

Door: Jordi Plana

Sailors and rest of crew have been running the maintenance of the ship for long time since she was riding the waves on a long voyage. Routine broken not so long ago with a week-sail with college students as a first experience...

Easing winds

Door: Jordi

Easing winds during the day made for starting our engines again in the evening, as the Europa was barely doing any speed even though all her canvas was spread. Late at night, just with the beginning of the new day, motor...