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Door: Team Bark EUROPA

17/9/2023 Dear Bark EUROPA Community, We are thrilled to share that our beloved lady EUROPA is back where she belongs - in the water! This achievement results from an incredible collaborative endeavor, and we cannot...

september 2023
mei 2022

CapeTown Shipyard update

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Two weeks have passed in Cape Town since the last Voyage-crew left the ship and and she went on dry dock for her customary South African maintenance period. Since then, a play of riddles and puzzles. Shipyard, dry dock,...

april 2022

Shipyard update CapeTown

Door: Jordii Plana Morales

After a successful voyage across the South Atlantic that started about a couple of months ago, Antarctica, South Georgia and the rough seas around them all the way to South Africa, now lie behind us. Sailing and visiting...

Nansen Net

Door: Beth & Helen

The morning scientific work carried out by the eager team of Scouts on  board is to assist in investigating krill in the Antarctic Peninsula  area. Whilst on this voyage to Antarctica the Scouts have been tasked...

januari 2022
december 2021

Scientific update

Door: Regitze Andersen

I have finally embarked Bark Europa and started my journey from Scheveningen, the Netherlands and then crossing the Atlantic ocean to Montevideo, Uruguay crossing. The first couple of weeks conducting the research project has...

september 2021

The new normality

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

As all over the world it seems times are approaching for a gradual return to what many say “new normality”, maybe half way back to how it was before, here we find ourselves approximately at half of the length of...

mei 2020

A day's work

Door: Jordi Plana Morales

Combining the whole of the crew are the hands, muscles and brains sailing the Europa across the oceans.  From galley to captain, all are working for the common goal of crossing from South to North Atlantic....

april 2020

Stillness and calm

Door: Richard Simko

Stillness and calm. Almost for the whole week we are stuck at 21° latitude. “Epic slow” says Krista, our bosun, paraphrasing the title of Eric’s post from two weeks ago about an epic low...