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1000 kilometers

Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica are about 1000 kilometers apart. We hope to cross this distance within 3 days. Of course all dependend on wind and weather! The watch system is in full swing. About two times a day you ar four hours on watch and eight hours off watch. This morning a stiff breeze pushed the ship forward on the right course. a couple of sails were unfurled, however not all canvas was put up- that would be too much and bad for the sails themselves. During the day the wind died down and dropped altogether for a few hours in the afternoon. a very special moment on the famous Drake Passage - usually known as a very rugged passage.

No bad weather

A beautiful, but very threatening cloud pattern developed and moved very quickly towards the ship. Bad weather however it did not deliver. Meanwhile we feel it is getting colder every day. People on board are getting to know their way around and getting to know their fellow trainees. During day and dirung the night lectures are given about antarctica and you can watch a movie. 


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Sonja | Trainee

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