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150 miles northwest of Cape Town

We find ourselves some one hundred and fifty miles northwest of Cape Town, sailing at seven knots in the right direction. The sky is cloudless, a friendly sea. Life is good.

The last few days we have said goodbye to al lot of crew who have been working hard to get us where we are now. It is hard to describe how much work has been completed in the last few weeks on the wharf.

This is going to be a special voyage we have embarked on, one that is not on the regular sailing schemes, directly from Cape Town to Montevideo in Uruguay. That is to say more or less directly since square riggers like our old Lady Europa have to stick to the ancient trade routes, following prevailing winds and currents, thus facing a five thousand mile journey rather than the three and a half thousand miles a crow might need.

They voyagecrew is taking kindly to the inevitable crash introduction course into sailing they are submitted to. Furthermore for permanent crew there finally is the wonderful experience of being allowed to steer the ship and stand on the lookout.

Everyone who yesterday was a bit whitish around the nose is now up and running again and I have stopped distributing pills and cups of ginger tea. The food on board is as good as always. Our spirits are high and we are looking forward to a month and a half of wonderful sea travel, hopefully with a stop at Saint Helena’s.

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