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Fours season in a day

Confusing dates when we live four seasons in one day are regular now, deep low pressure frontal systems pass by, squalls accompany them but in-between sun warms Europa’s decks. Flying over fields and marsh areas the swallows are back in Netherlands, together with thousands of other migrating birds plus all the yearly resident ones, all telling us that is springtime. Thanks to its location, inland marshes and lakes, plus large intertidal areas (like for instance the one in Harlingen, in the vicinity of the Wadden Sea area), makes for a high richness and diversity of birdlife in Netherlands. That is during the whole of the year, but becoming more abundant in spring with the northbound migration and in fall when those birds fly the opposite way. Most noticeable are the countless waders in the coastal areas and the heaps of geese resting over the green grasslands and agricultural fields. The five species of this latter ones that live in the country, number over two millions during winter, but now it is time for many to migrate north, leaving behind about a 250.000 of them for a summer in the country. That represents a recent new increase in summer geese numbers which are preferring not to fly for the Arctic Circle and breed here. Breeding season at the moment with some of the birds around even trying to build their nests up the rig of the few Tall Ships that are spending maintenance time together at Harlingen harbour.

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Jordi Plana Morales | Guide

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