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Patience, or taking it as it comes

Pos: 46 38 N 008 37 W

COG 250

Speed 1,6 kts


Patience, or just taking it as it comes. For the moment I choose the last.

All sails are set. Yesterday we left the English channel and said goodbye to the tidal streams that accompanied us since we left 

Scheveningen. Since departure we were often able to sail, but every once in a while engine hours had to be made to make some progress in the direction we would like to go. Most of the time the wind came from a favorable direction, only 24 hours we had real headwinds from a westerly direction. Very often though the wind wasn't strong enough to push us into the the strong spring tide currents in the Channel. Those moments we used the engines.Now we are in the middle of the Bay of Biscay. Still we have light winds, but since the current is not there we make headway nonetheless. The ship and everybody on it have come to an ease. Routine is settling in, we learn which lines are where, how to keep the course no matter if we have speed or not, when it's the best time to sleep and when the meals are served. It feels relaxed on board.

The dolphins must have felt it too. Since two days they visit regular. Today the afternoon watch even saw Finn whales!

Tonight the moon accompanied us at the start of the watch at 20:00. Now it has gone under and we are sailing very slowly under a sky full of stars. Yes, this is not practicing patience, but taking it as beautiful as it comes...



Geschreven door:
Janke | Captain Bark Europa



thank you Janke.

margriet  |  20-09-2021 19:41 uur

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