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4 days Out of Horta

4 days Out of Horta 

12.00 Ships time = Gmt + 1. 

We are struggling to sail in a direction sometimes the winds allows us that course but most of the time we have to steer a more Easterly course but if the winds are becoming a bit more Westerly we take advantage to use those opportunities. 

Of course we could sail in a straight course to the English Channel but looking at the weatherforecast that is not such a good plan. Headwinds and little winds are forecasted for this route. 

Last night we made a good run to the North-Northeast making 8 to 9 knots and we had to strike our skys’ls the Flying jib and the Royal Stays’ls because it came as a strong breeze. We had some clear skies but also periods of drizzle and even some showers. Sailing Full & By on Port tack, the trick on the wheel is becoming an art. Just filling up the sails and an angle of 60° to the Apparent wind.  

Our Plankton trawls are regularly carried out especially if the speed drops below 5 knots. 

7 trawls done and a lot of pictures taken by the 2 Go-Pro  camera’s that are installed to find the floating plastic. 

We are regularly visited by common dolphins and yesterday evening together with the sunset a whale showed his blow.  

In the meantime we passed the latitude of Cabo Finisterre although we are 460 Miles due West of this famous Cape 


43°-35N : 019°-51W   

Drizzle and Poor visibility,  Wind  NW by N  3. 

Water temp. 18°C 

Making around the 5kts in 050° 

Done  24hrs 145M in 038°6kt Average 

Done  total  98hrs 518M = 5,3 Average 

To go:   English Channel  entrance 670M in 060° 

Alles Wel


Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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