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A small doldrummy


POS:  16'39S  036'44W
CRS:  205'
SPD:  4,9kts
WND:  NE 3-4bft
SEA:  Smooth
SWL:  E very Low


Let us call it a small doldrummy the past 32 hours. Unfortunate we had to engine some hours again. The good thing about this drummy was that we could go for a swim at 16'S 36'W in 4.134m deep water of 26 degrees celsius.

After scottisch dance lessons on the sloop deck and blue hap dinner the wind picked up, so all sails set, except the forestaysail and the suns'ls. Steady as she goes.

Rgds, Arian

Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain

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