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Adventures of the Europa

So here i am, going to Africa.

different perspectives

I was on the Europa 5 years ago and always missed the ship, so here I am again, going to Africa. It's all about taking part in crew duties and helping and learning everything about sailing.  Meeting folks from all around the globe and realizing we all see things in different ways sometimes, is fascinating. Our common factor is that we all are adventurous and work together to get the work done. As for the wildlife, it is great to see the dolphins, birds and whales and with the lectures given, it makes it even better. Going aloft is quite an adventure with the winds and the cold temperatures, but with the crew helping us, we can really learn how to get confident on the yard arms. Now I know names better of the folks and it is great to talk and learn different perspectives of things. I really enjoyed the old whaling stations of my last trip and I look forward to visit them again. 

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