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An unknown magical world

Hi everybody,


It was a beautiful visit to Antarctica.

What a ship, nature, crew and company. Incredible!

This time I have gained so much more impressions from everything.

I had spend more time preparing compared to last time, and maybe I’m a few years older.

What an unknown magical world it is..


Until tomorrow I will keep heading towards the North.

When the wind stays in well, in the morning, we will head West for a day and gain a bit of height.

After that it should calm down again.

And then back to the North so at the end we can get a good hit on the butt (from the wind) so at the Cape we can pass the corner to Harberton.

We plan to arrive in Ushuaia on the 12th, in the late afternoon.


Today in the morning we were able to have a nice sail until just after lunch, followed by some angular waves on the Antarctic Continental Plate.

Now we are back in a long swell.


I look forward to seeing everyone on the 13th!


A lot of greetings from on board!

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



geweldig, the LOGbook is a pleasure to read as well as the "follow the ship" ....thank you for the continued updates and travel views...

ingo wilcke  |  08-02-2022 06:59 uur

mooi om te lezen Fosse. Thank you.

margriet  |  07-02-2022 15:19 uur

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