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Anchored in the bay of Sal Rei


POS:  15'35 N  023'00W  25nm S of Boa Vista, Cabo Verde
CRS:  180'
SPD:  4,5kts
WND:  NE 3bft
SEA:  Slight
SWL:  NE Low

Today was a good day. Early morning we passed Sal island on the east side and sailed on towards the west side of Boa Vista. Nicely before lunch we dropped anchor in the bay of Sal Rei. A swim stop as surprise.
After coffee heave up again and set full sails. We are going to need them, as the forecast is telling us light winds ahead.
Till now we sailed abt 900nm, of which 859VMG. No engine needed yet. 


Geschreven door:
Arian Poortman | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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