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Anchored @ Telefone bay Deception Island

Good evening,

POS:  62*55,8 S 060*40,6 W
COG:  Anchored @ Telefone bay Deception Island
SOG:  0 kts
WND:  N 5 bft
SEA:  0.0 meter
Water Temp: 0.4
Outside temp: 1.5

The Brandsfield held us up a bit longer than expected. Nevertheless we arrived at coffee time close to Fort Point. The plan was to land there. It stayed a plan. The closer we got, the more wind came from the glacier. Finally we got wind up to 46 knots. Too much to even start thinking about launching a zodiac. All VC came out on deck and enjoyed the harsh Antarctic conditions. After a while we turned our bow on to the next destination. Deception Island. With the NW'ly wind about 30 to 43 knots, some sails and some engines we made enough progress to be in time at Deception before the wind could build up too much waves from the 

The result was a super evening landing at Whalers bay. A walk, a swim and even some sun. After that we moved the ship to Telefone bay in Port Foster. The caldera of Deception island. It is not very calm, but nice to be at anchor for a bit.
Tomorrow departure...time to go north again.


Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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