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First week on Bark Europa

The night before the embarking in Punta Arenas, we met with a few crew
members for dinner and some Chilean wine. The group building continued
quickly after dinner and the first sailing course on board.
The names of the 21 sails - like dekzwabber, aap, spanker and vlieger -
and their corresponding lines - sheets, buntlines, clewlines, braces,
halyards and downhauls - caused some confusion. The climbing in the mast
and the yards to set and furl the sails were fun and exciting.
The first two days passing the Magellan and Beagle Channels were in
quiet water and we had good weather. Perfect for sailing courses, safety
trainings and knot practicing. We also got lectures about wildlife -
pinguïns and other sea birds - and photography.
In Puerto Williams we landed for the first time by zodiacs and made a
hike on a mountain. We went straight through the Patagonian mountains
and had great views on Terra del Fuego. For some people the hike
downhill was a little bit "que pasa".
We were lucky enough to land on Cape Horn as well and visited the
albatros monument and the lighthouse. From there, it was Drake passage:
four days passing the southern ocean to Antarctica. The first three days
we had a "Drake lake": very calm waters and sometimes too little wind to
sail and we needed the motor. We enjoyed beautiful sunrises and sunsets
and climbs in the masts. Sailing 24 hours a day means watches and
stearing in turns in three different teams. Seeing the ocean and the
wildlife around the clock. Not to forget the peeling potatoes and apples
duties. The resulting meals - and apple pie - were definitely worth it!
In the meantime we are surprised with breakfasts, lunches and dinners
with always a surprising and different element.
On Saturday evening we arrived in Antarctica and set anker in a quiet
bay. Beautiful, otherworldly rocks and pinguïns greeted us. The next
morning we took the zodiacs to one island to see three different pinguïn
species and elephant seals.

Geschreven door:
Bram | Voyage crew



Hi Bram, What a great adventure, sounds like a trip of a lifetime! Dank voor je mooie mail. Stuur maar alleen naar Marjolein, zij stuurt door naar ons allemaal. Antwoorden op jouw mail lukt niet helaas. Merry Christmas!

Lucas  |  26-12-2019 08:28 uur

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