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The Drake

We are heading North and this time we are crossing a Drake. We did on the way South off course, but he was in such a mood that we hardly could say we crossed the Drake. Did we hope for something similar? Were we worried all of our luck had run out? Did some of us wish for some wild weather? During our days in Antarctica all of these and many other thoughts passed by in the deckhouse.  

Whatever the Drake would decide – the only thing we can do is go for it in the best possible way. Waiting is not an option – the only hope we have are Jankes skills to interpret the weather forecast– and luckily for us that means a lot of hope.  

We left Antarctica straight after our last landing at Neko Harbour. Full speed – sails up and both engines on. There is an impressive low on the way and we want to be ahead of it. There is no waiting now, no slowing down, there is no hanging around on the Drake and no meandering over the convergence zone. We go – we go NW and we go as fast as we can. We will soon have been on the way for 2 full days and things are going well. Well and wild that is – seasickness is back and the lookout is moved to the Poopdeck. We have passed the boundaries of Antarctica, we are back in warm waters, the air is moist and the nights are dark, relatively dark. 

We are on our way – all well.

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