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Antarctic Sound

Good evening,

POS:  63*23,9 S 056*46,0 W
COG:  200
SOG:  1.0 kts
WND:  SW 5-7 bft
SEA:  0.5 meter
Water Temp: 0.0
Outside temp: 0.5

Antarctic Sound

The day started with rain. And fog. But we were sailing nice into the Antarctic Sound. After 10 days of headwinds the yards were braced for broad reach. And to get to our destination Kinnes Cove we wore ship. The weather seemed to smoothen a bit. The wind dropped, the rain stopped. Good circumstances for a first landing in Antarctica. An evening landing.

A it was a good first landing. Impressive. Just when boarding the zodiacs the wind picked up, it started also snowing. Horizontal. Magical Antarctic. The way back with the zodiacs was even more special. Because of the SWly wind the brash bits started moving onto the shore. Just enough to ride a cool cruise through and make it back to the ship. All happy snowy faces came back on board. The decks on board were slippery of all the snow and on the lines the drops were little frozen stalactites.

Now we are slowly engining onto our destination for tomorrow morning. The sky has cleared, but still with ragged clouds mixed with smooth lenticulars. Beautiful blue/grey/white colors. The voyage crew sleeps and probably dreams of more landings to come. We sail the ship and enjoy the treat of the view around us in the light night.


Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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