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Antartica couldn’t have delivered any better

Yesterday evening we slowly approached Breguet Glacier avoiding the icebergs as we crept closer. Antartica couldn’t have delivered any better as a small gap in the cloud parts, bathing the ocean with rays of sunshine that illuminate the icebergs along horizon. The whole boat is silent except for the spinning drone from the radar that provides the helmsman a view of bergs in front. It is an awe inspiring moment giving us all ample time to reflect on our journey so far. Many of the voyage crew can be found climbing up the masts seeking a better vantage point or are laying comfortably nestled in the bowsprit net to see the ice
slide gentle around the ship. After a longer than average Drake crossing due to a disagreeable low pressure system, this moment is beyond anything we could imagine we would experience. Many of the voyage crew chose to commemorate the moment with a toast, our drinks chilled by ancient ice pulled from the sea earlier in the day during our zodiac ride through ‘Iceberg Graveyard’.

The schedule for the next day was posted and we see an opportunity to rise early at 6am for the Graham Passage, a narrow gap we pass through with the potential for great views. This means it is time to turn in. Immediately it is clear the alarm is worth it as I emerge onto deck and see a wall of ice and rock in front. Looking closely, there is a faint indication that one side drops to the water leaving a small channel behind. With camera in hand ready I request permission to climb and venture up the main mast to take in the view. From above it’s possible to see all the little ice bergs we’re deftly navigating between, and for
45 minutes as we pass through the passage I sit on the platform above the upper topsail taking in the sights.

Last night I thought the sunset view of a glacier could not be topped, yet in the quiet of a windless morning, the water perfectly reflects the surrounding icy cliffs and from my elevated vantage point the clear water reveals the depth of the bright blue icebergs below. I sit silently reflecting on the opportunity I have and take no moment for granted.

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Matthew | Voyage Crew

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