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Back on board

THURSDAY 19th of May 12:00 Ships-time (UTC)
14-30,5S : 007-04,2W, Underway Sailing.
After a nice sail-away from the anchorage yesterday afternoon just before 17:00hr we made a good and comfortable run during the night.

This morning we extended our sail wardrobe with 3 SB stuns'ls and the two sky-sails.
The sky-sail topmasts and yards were rigged during our stay at the St Helena anchorage.
Everybody had a good time off on this Green Island except our shipsdog Boreas but he is happy to be at sea again because he doesn't like it when people are leaving the ship, but to his surprise we all returned safely and in good health onboard again.

Done 19 hrs 115M in 317 degr. = 6,1kts average
Togo 593M to Ascension.

Alles Wel

Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA

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