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Back to the Drake

So I start this entry sliding back and forth across the seat in the library again. Due to a nasty weather system we have needed to cut off our last landing and head back to the Drake via the Bismarck Strait to get ahead of it so we can get home to our loved ones as scheduled. We’ve hit open water and on our way home. We’ve also started the watch system again, we were on the first watch back again. Nothing of consequence, but nice to get back into the rhythm of it. Today we went to Port Lockroy and Dorian Bay. Port Lockroy was as described, a little touristy, but the people there do a great job in maintaining the museum. We posted our postcard for our daughter through the Port Lockroy mail service. It will go to England first and then Australia. She might get it this year sometime ;).
In the afternoon we went to Dorian Bay. I expected it to be touristy as well but was pleasantly surprised. Less Eau du Penguin Merde than usual and beautiful snowcapped mountains and hills with limited wind and beautiful sunlight. We climbed up to where the old air landing strip was, never saw it though, it was buried under waist deep snow. Either way, one of the most beautiful site landings we’ve had. Anyway, the next five to six days we will be on the Drake. Not sure there will be much to report other than the outcomes of our watches and who gets sea sickness. The books are flying around the library as I type. It also means we may hit the Beagle Channel sooner than thought, meaning we might be able to contact loved ones sooner than thought. Off to bed, and hoping to stay in it and not be thrown out by the waves!

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Michelle Purkiss and Seth Hertz | Voyage Crew

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