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Beautiful sailing

What wonderful sailing we are having, wind has dropped from 20 knots to 15 knots but we are still keeping up with our 8 knot speed and some steady 10° heel. Today I forgot I was a guide for some hours and got my hands on some rig maintenance, bringing down old worn out lines and putting up some new ones with some wonderful help from voyage crew with some splicing a whipping on these new lines. With all this nice sailing we crossed the Antarctic converge zone at 15:00 almost without noticing on deck, but now three and a half hours later we can already see a 1°C drop in water temperature from 5.5°C to 4.4°C. This means we are starting to get really close to Antarctica and might start spotting some icebergs soon. We also got overtaken by the National Geographic Explorer that got very close to us, followed by a radio call: Europa, Europa, National Geographic Explorer. It was Laura! Our bartender from the previous voyages that just signed off in Ushuaia a few days ago and is on her way to Antarctica again.

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