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Birthdays on Europa

Birthdays on Europa

Having a birthday on board Europa is a birthday you will never ever
forget. It’s almost worth booking a passage just to have your birthday
on board. It doesn’t matter if you are professional, deck or voyage
crew, you will be celebrated in the same style. Everyone knows when it’s
someone’s birthday because you wake up in the morning and the coloured
flags are strung out in the corridor and the lounge. So you can ask at
the galley door, on your way to breakfast – they always know - and go in
to breakfast and wish the person best wishes. The head chief will
probably ask you your favourite dish for dinner and if that’s not
available offer some wonderful substitute. And of course the traditional
birthday cake complete with candles, I think everyone has the same
number of candles for some reason? You can also expect to have the
birthday song sung several times during the day by different groups or
individuals as well as the usual hand shakes, hugs & kisses and back
slaps. Everyone gets a present from the SHIP which is always something
to cherish. Then at the end of the day there’s the deckhouse drinks and
more merriment.

Truly a day to remember.

-- Trevor

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Trevor | voyage crew

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