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Boreas doing the dogwatch

12:00 Shipstime = UT+ 1
19-05S : 001-09W

Yesterday evening we passed the Greenwich-meridian so we are now in the Western Hemisphere and it will take a while when we come back to the Eastern one, in the English Channel to be precise.
We have still a rolling ship because of the SE-erly running swell and the square sails are good for speed but at the moment not really helpful for stabilizing. No staysails set because with the wind from astern they would just flap around and chafe. But our speed is still good and above average so we take the rolling as it comes.

Have the Starboard upper and t'gallant stuns'l set, too much rolling for the lower.
Still making more than 6 knots in the right direction.

Seawater 23 degr.
The forecast for the coming days is less wind from the East so we leave our ETA for St Helena at Monday morning

Done 24hrs = 156M = 6,5 kts in 312 degr.
Done 235 hrs = 1398M = 6 kts average.
To Go = 322M to St Helena

Geschreven door:
Klaas Gaastra | Captain, Bark EUROPA



Boreas. Prachtfoto.

margriet  |  16-05-2022 15:23 uur

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