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Dangling off a wooden pole 100 feet in the air may seem dangerous to 
some, but the Europa generates true beauty out of this experience. 

Although we have only been on the Europa for about a week we feel fully 
involved as crew, in sailing and maintaining this tall ship and we enjoy 
climbing the rigging the most.

At first, both of us were apprehensive in climbing to such a height,
but once we passed the futtocks towards the first platform, the beauty
of the open ocean overtook us from the vantage point of a bird.
The higher we climbed, the more exhilaration we felt, and we kept going
until we reached the t’gallant yard.

To step onto the yard a leap of faith was needed but once we climbed onto the 
yard, we were furling the sail before we even new it! In the midst of 
completing this task the horizon of Nova Scotia could be spotted basked 
in the art of setting sun. Our nerves had subsided and we could truly 
enjoy nature, hanging about a hundred feet above the deck of the Bark Europa.

Geschreven door:
Kieran Norton (15) and Jack Mault (15) | trainees

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