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Closing in on St Helena

Noon position 11.00 UTC:

18°35'S 004° 17'W

Speed: 6 to 8 knots,

COG 328°

We are closing in on St Helena. As the crow flies, or rather the soft plumage petrel, there is still 175, or so, NM to be done.

The 2-8 watch struggled to find anything worthy of reporting, but the 8-14 was action packed indeed.

We trawled for plastic at the breakneck speed of 4 knots. Due to some alterations, it is now possible to trawl at a slightly increased speed.

We did three trawls, the last one coinciding with pikheet. After that the sails were hoisted again and put on the other tack. It was a slow gybe.

For lunch there was lentil soup and a sausage roll.

We aim to arrive at St Helena, sometime tomorrow afternoon. If this will be in time for visiting the harbour master, remains to be seen



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