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We have baptised Saturday as a fun day and this Saturday Curling was on the schedule. In this game four teams battle for victory, under the watchful eyes of Captain Hans and deckhand Sara. Hans was a fabulous grandmaster assisted by Sara, and I regret I can not reproduce any of the good jokes he made during the game.

You might by now wonder how Curling is played on a sailing ship crossing the Atlantic, playing at the location 24°34'S 031°43'W. The version of curling we played might be better described as inverted curling where ice blocks, which Sara spent a week making, are sliding over the deck. The goal is to get them on the bull’s eye with minus points being awarded for every centimeter off. This, as is probably no surprise, on a rolling ship quickly leads to rather big minus scores – with the losing team ending with the rather lavish score of -800.

As the slider aims for the bull’s eye, the sweeping team puts their heart and soul into sweeping the track, although there is no evidence this actually helps. The finals were closely fought but Ice Splice prevailed. The Arctic foxes, rabid for victory, could almost smell the prize we were all battling for; a luxury snack-time plateau. However, in Ice Splice’s last throw, the block the arctic foxes had left in the middle of the bull’s eye was swept aside, bringing triumph to Ice Splice.

With the first places settled, the last game commenced to establish which team would walk away with a bronze medal. After one of the best throws so far, being cast together by Nathaniel and Jonathan - each holding one side of the ice block, there is no doubt that teamwork is the winning strategy, putting their team in third place. Upon asking the team ending last, what went wrong, no satisfactory explanations were given, as if they wanted to forget the whole event in shame. Or it had something to do with their name; Peace Out.

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