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Antarctica; Snow white fields and mountains. Summers with eternal light. Infinite shades of blue, pink and white.

Floating Diamonds

Sunsets that can last for hours. Little birdies, seemingly undisturbed by our presence, walking on their self-made highways to the beach, to play in the water. Quiet ice platforms and cubes, like floating diamonds in the water with infinite beautiful shapes that an artist can only dream of, glimmering in the light. Full moon and sun relieving each others watch over us. Content mammals lying on their backs and bellies, contemplating the world and secretly smiling at us. Waves dancing around a Tallship, changing the scenery every second. Islands, passages and lookout points, patiently waiting to be discovered. Peace all around us, for miles and miles and miles. No sounds, but only the quiet happiness that fills our souls.

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Aaike | Trianee

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