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Day 3 of the Drake Passage

Hello all,

POS:  57*13,4 S 64*57.3 W
COG:  underway using engine. Getting close to our destination.
SOG:  5,5
WND:  Variable

The Northerly winds were less intense as said in the weather report.
It was still a bit bumpy with all the cross seas but in general all is good onboard. We were able to make the progress we wanted and even a bit more.

Gjalt and Sara kept us happy with their wonderful meals and the Guides gave nice presentations.

At eight o'clock I was able to give the good news. We have enough time to have a stop at Harberton before moving the last bit to Ushuaia. A great place to smell green trees and other plants.
A great place to celebrate the trip and the successful passage ones again of the Drake.
But first one more day to go on before we get there.

I wish you all a nice day!

Good Night or Good morning

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain



dank je wel Fosse.

margriet  |  10-02-2023 08:50 uur

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