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Day 4 on the Drake

POS: 61*53 S 57*20
COG: 135SOG: 6,8
WND: W 5-6

We are about to arrive at Pinguin Island.

We're just furling the last topsails,

the ice lights are on and 4 hours to go till the Anchorage.

It's 2:30 in the night.

I hear Hans, the chief Mate, turning on some music and gently singingalong.

I am ready for bed.

It was a splendid day, the first Icebergs drifted by
and the breeze gave us a magnificent run south.

Tomorrow a new day with the first landings.


Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

šŸ“· Arnoud Apituley

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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