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The fishing line is trawling behind us for two days now, but we have no luck in catching anything. This is the second time i am doing this trip with the EUROPA and we have caught nothing- again... I am feeling lousy. But we still have to days to catch up!


After breakfast we peel the potatoes for diner. There is a lot of them to peel - but for a good reason. tonight Rensje is going to treat us with EUROPA-potatoes! Looking forward to it already.

During the rest of the day people are busy climbing the rig to make some good pictures from above. Especially the youngsters on board have no difficulty in climing the rig all the way up.

In the afternoon Lanzarote appears on the horizon. Land-fever starts immediately- this is something i know very well and it already happens after (only) a four day trip!

While talking to the Bosun about the netting below the bowsprit we saw 15 beautiful dolphins playing with the ship. A wonderful show we could see from the first row!

The sun sets behind the hills of Lanzarote and we are celebrating fellow crew Willem his birthday to end this beautiful day!

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