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Drake Lake so far

Hello all,

POS: 69°21.30 S 65°00.51 W
COG: 002
SOG: 6
WND: NW 1-3

Another quiet day at the Drake.

Drake Lake so far.

No wind,
No big Sea
No view
Little excitement.
Anxious to sail again

We're just on the point of leaving the Convergence one.
Hopefully, the fog will lift and give us some sun.
But maybe that is a bit much to ask
So we'll focus on that breeze.

That breeze will pick up by the afternoon.
Voyage crew and crew will climb the rig
Unfurl, Set, and enjoy.
Engines will be switched off

Sails full and happy, round and voluptuous.
Stretching Lines
Pulling Europa
A cup of coffee.
And a few stars maybe?

At Breakfast on the 9th
we should see the notorious Cape.
Always again an impressive sight.
So many stories lay here,
So many ships struggled.
So many sailors born.
So many sailors passed.
Some were lucky with prevailing winds
Passing in comfort
Let us be some.
somewhat lucky.

some Prevailing winds
some Prevailing thoughts


Fair Winds, fair thoughts, fair sailing.

Fosse and Bark Europa Crew

šŸ“· Richard Simko

Geschreven door:
Fosse Fortuin | Captain

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