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Drake passage

Good evening,

POS:  60*32,4 S 067*14,1 W
COG:  305
SOG:  4.8 kts
WND:  S 4 bft
SEA:  2 meter
Water Temp: 2.8

Drake passage

Sailing! The full stack is up and we make good progress in the right direction. It feels nice and light to be sailing again for a bit. No engines. And even the weather works with us. The sun came out. VC climbed aloft and out on the bowsprit to take pictures of the sails filled with the wind broad reach. That had been a while. At 22 when the sun did set we saw a green flash! The perfect ending of a nice day.

Let's see how long the right direction of the wind will last. It is predicted to shift via the West to the Northwest later today. Anyway till then we'll enjoy this beautiful weather.

All well, Janke

Geschreven door:
Janke Kingma | Captain

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