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Easter on board Europa

Easter on Bark Europa

As we are approaching the Antarctic Convergence to leave the Southern Ocean behind us, we are celebrating Easter. On Good Friday, St. Matthews Passion sounded in the Deck House, while the occasional cup went flying and rattling from the galley strangely enlightened the experience of Bach’s music. On Easter Sunday this was followed by more modern music. Now the sound of electric guitars filled the room on the tunes of Jesus Christ Superstar, still enhanced by the rattling of cups and saucers to the rhythm of the ocean.

During these days voyage crew and crew alike enjoyed themselves preparing for the worlds greatest egg painting competition. On Sunday evening, the contest came to its climax with the jury report. Sophie won! She had made a genuine Egg-berg floating in a glass with Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins balancing on top. Unfortunately, the swell of the ocean toppled the glass before a decent picture could be taken.

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Klaas Gaastra | Captain

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