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Enjoying the same temperatures in a different way

After a delicious dinner and desert, we all role into the zodiacs for an evening landing. On the black beach we realize that the tide is quite low and the warm and comfortable mixtures of thermal water and fresh ocean water that we hoped for are not to be found at the  moment. Since it is forbidden to dig holes, we build some small dams under the high water line which quickly fill up with hot water and .. people. Just after the first two human–sized puddles are created, swimming is on. Heroically, most start with a cold water plunge before cuddling up in the small pools. Others keep working on extending the tubs as more and more people dive in. Half of the group is watching in disbelieve, hiding deeper in their clothes. The others are sitting half naked and enjoying
the same temperatures in a different way. Meanwhile the Europa has come extremely close to the shore for a short pick up before sailing out of the caldera again.

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Sarah Gerats | Guide

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