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First day is already gone

We embarked around 5pm. All new faces (except for those we had a drink with last night), all kind of different people from all over the world. Once everyone got properly checked in, we got introduced to the 17 crewmembers.

“Will and Matt” or “Matt and Will” is gonna be tricky, but as long as they respond to either of those names, we will be just fine. Then, out of the rather small galley, came our very tasty first dinner on board. Either eaten in the deckhouse, lounge or poker corner while getting to know our fellow sailors a bit more. We ended the dinner with cake to celebrate Peter’s birthday and then most of us took off to their cabins to figure out where to leave all that stuff we brought… Last on the program of the day was the introduction by Jordi, Annukka and Eduardo about the general live on board and by Will (no not Matt) and Merle about rope handling. Still a lot to learn about that in the coming days, but first end the day at the bar. 

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